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  • Golf-Alignment-Sticks

    Everything You Need to Know About Golf Alignment Sticks

    Alignment might be the most-overlooked of all the fundamentals in golf. Without good alignment, even the best swing in the world can be wasted. However, many golfers will spend hours working on the technique in their swing and ...
  • Proper-Hip-Movement-for-Power-and-Consistency

    The Proper Hip Movement for Power and Consistency

    Many of you prescribe to a popular myth and don’t even know it!  This myth involves your hips in the golf swing and it can rob you of power and consistency.  The wrong thought to have regarding your hips is to “turn my hi...
  • The Common Golf Wedge Game Error You Can't See

    The Common Wedge Game Error You Can’t See

    A big killer of the short game that I encounter and fix, is overuse of the wrists in the backswing and at impact.  Many of you hinge your wrists too much in your short game swing.  This makes your downswing too steep (choppy)...
  • Using-Baseball-Swing-Habits-to-Improve-Your-Golf-Swing

    Using Baseball Swing Habits to Improve Your Golf Swing

    Have you ever had your playing partner ask “did you play baseball?” after witnessing your golf swing? The fact is, whether it’s a few early years in Little League, or playing for your High School Varsity team, basebal...
  • The-6-Keys-Limiting-Golfers-Over-50-from-Having-More-Fun

    The 6 Keys Limiting Golfers Over 50 from Having More Fun

    What are the main factors influencing whether or not a golfer is having fun?  I am sure it amounts to many things. However, we know from our clients, that losing distance is one of the major drags for golfers over 50. As the g...
  • Your-First-Move-For-More-Consistency

    Your First Move For More Consistency

    A popular myth in the golf swing occurs in the takeaway of the swing.  Many people think the toe of the golf club should be pointed straight up to the sky when the club is halfway back in the backswing.  In terms of a clock, ...
  • 5-Quick-Tips-to-Hit-the-Ball-Further

    5 Quick Tips to Hit the Ball Farther

    At some point every golfer gets the itch to hit the ball farther, and why not?  Adding a bit more distance can help shorten your approach shots and improve your ability to hit greens in regulation (plus it feels great to reall...
  • Golf Pre-Shot Routine - Golficity

    The Importance of the Pre-Shot Routine

    Ever notice how the pros seem to set up every shot with the same exact routine?  Whether it’s Jason Dufner’s club waggle or Keegan Bradley’s “foot-step,” you’ll quickly notice that while no two players’ p...
  • Learning How to Stay Centered in Your Golf Swing

    Learning How to Stay Centered in Your Golf Swing

    Golfers often have the wrong idea of how an effective swing works.  For example, students frequently tell me, “I am trying to shift my weight in the backswing.”  This is good if you want to hit behind the ball, top the ba...
  • Simple Tips to Improve Your Mid Game

    Simple Tips to Improve Your Mid Game

    Standing on the tee box admiring a straight drive down the middle of the fairway, you may feel that the most difficult part of the hole is over with (especially if you’ve struggled with consistency off the tee).  Regardl...
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