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  • Why You Need to Improve Your Grip

    Why You Need to Improve Your Golf Grip

    If you grip the club incorrectly it is almost impossible to change your swing. If you are just taking golf up, I can’t over emphasize the importance of having a decent grip. It doesn’t have to be perfect and I don’t care ...
  • Five-Reasons-You-Arent-Making-Enough-Putts

    Five Reasons You Aren’t Making Enough Putts

    Depending on where the ball ends up, putting is either the most exciting or most frustrating part of each hole. When the ball drops into the cup, you get a rush of adrenaline and are eager to take on the rest of the course. How...
  • Golf Swing Speed vs Distance

    Sam Adams Discusses Swing Speed vs Distance

    I’m going to give you a way to drop your score without changing your swing. This is something that all really low handicappers know that higher handicappers have trouble with. When I was playing well enough to actually qualif...
  • Score Better Through Proper Golf Course Management

    How to Score Better Through Proper Golf Course Management

    If you head out to almost any golf course practice range on a sunny Saturday afternoon, you are likely to find a long line of golfers hitting ball after ball. Of course, they are all there for the same reason – to improve...
  • Revealing the Real Causes of Thin and Topped Shots

    Revealing the Real Causes of Thin and Topped Shots

    There is a common misconception among golfers that looking up too early leads to topping the ball, whiffing or thin shots. I have checked with golf professionals from around the world on LinkedIn and not one has ever had a stud...
  • How to Shoot in the 90s or Better Consistently by Sam Adams

    How to Shoot in the 90s or Better Consistently

    Over the last few years golf technology has also grown by leaps and bounds. Too many pros depend totally on video analysis, side by side swing comparisons to a tour player, etc.  Improved club designs, larger and more accurate...
  • 5-Things-Every-Golfer-Should-be-Prepared-for-on-the-Course

    5 Things Every Golfer Should be Prepared for on the Course

    Think back to your old Boy Scouts days. Do you remember the motto? “Be Prepared.” The same goes for your four hour round on the course. In those rare times when we’re faced with a torrential downpour, a splitting ...
  • Finding-and-Maintaining-Your-Perfect-Golf-Swing-Tempo

    Finding and Maintaining Your Perfect Golf Swing Tempo

    The importance of good tempo in the golf swing isn’t lost on most players. One of the first lessons the majority of golfers learn is that tempo is one of the more-important elements of a good golf swing. When you are able to ...
  • Achieving Proper Alignment at Address

    Achieving Proper Alignment at Address

    To me teaching alignment is very simple, but after searching the web for articles and videos, I find that I teach it a little differently than anyone else. The biggest mistake I have seen over the years is the tendency to start...
  • The Sequence of Motion

    Understanding the Sequence of Motion in a Golf Swing

    When I think about the golf swing and how it should look, I think of Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and I will just stop there as the list gets very long when I think of all the great go...
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