Who Got the Most Coin – 2013 PGA TOUR Top Money Earners List

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2013 PGA TOUR Top Money Earners List

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Some names and ranks have changed since last year’s list, but the usual suspects proved once again how good they truly are.

New faces like Spieth and Stenson even graced us with their presence in 2013, making names for themselves and earning the hefty amounts of cash that comes with it such recognition.

Flashing their super model girlfriends and wives, fancy homes, and private jets on Instagram leaves us no doubt these PGA TOUR top money earners are living the dream.  But the front-page-grabbing, young superstars are not the only ones to make the list.  Legends like Palmer, Player, and Nicklaus continue to bring in the big bucks from endorsement deals, course design, and smart investments

So who got the most coin in 2013?  Let’s break down the PGA TOUR top money earners on and off the course to find out…

Rank Name On Course Earnings Off Course Earnings Total Notes
1 Tiger Woods $12,091,508 $71,000,000 $83,091,508 Tiger reemerged on TOUR in 2013 racking up wins and recapturing the World No. 1 rank. He came close to winning the FedExCup but feel short in the playoffs. Made $3 million less overall than 2012, but we’re sure he’ll get by.
2 Phil Mickelson $7,009,156 $45,000,000 $52,009,156 Phil took home a major victory in 2013 and continues to roll in the dough off the course. Lefty should make this type of money for decades to come, playing or not.
3 Arnold Palmer $0 $40,000,000 $40,000,000 Who needs to win golf tournaments? The King has more golf licensing contracts than anyone in the world and his business dealings in Asia led to even more coin this year. Retirement has been fantastic for Arnie.
4 Jack Nicklaus $9,625 $26,000,000 $28,047,000 The successful golf course designer and forever golf legend is still hanging on to the record of most majors won.
5 Henrik Stenson $18,594,670 $2,850,000 $21,444,670 First year making the list after an amazing FedExCup winning season, the World No 3 had a career year and took the 5th spot on our list, where Rory McIlroy sat last year.
6 Rory McIlroy $2,608,789 $18,000,000 $20,608,789 It pays to have a major sponsor like Nike behind you when your golf season doesn’t go well. Rory is still living the dream. And you thought he had a bad year!
7 Gary Player $9,625 $16,000,000 $16,009,625 Mr. Player jumped up three spots from last year thanks to his increased activities off the course, including new endorsement deals and public speaking.
8 Adam Scott $8,048,068 $7,600,000 $17,078,710 There is no doubt that winning a major helps with build your superstar status. The 2013 Masters Champ had a great year on the course and currently sits as the World No. 2 spot.
9 Ernie Els $2,189,536 $12,500,000 $14,689,536 Not a bad year in earnings, but the South African Hall of Famer makes most of his cash from globetrotting.com, a side job that brings in some serious bucks.
10 Greg Norman $0 $14,000,000 $14,000,000 Another living legend that earns his coin from his successful Shark Clothing line and golf course architecture projects.
11 Sergio Garcia $3,411,237 $8,500,000 $11,911,237 Still no major for this guy, and he narrowly survived what could have been a publicity nightmare with his “Fried Chicken” comment, but he’s still a poster boy for Adidas and Taylormade so he continues to do quite well for himself.
12 Justin Rose $6,253,672 $5,500,000 $11,753,672 U.S. Open winner in 2013 and one of the nicest guys on TOUR. J Rose also remains as a big name on the TaylorMade roster.
13 Matt Kuchar $7,053,225 $3,750,000 $10,803,225 The always-smiling Kuchar grabbed a win at the 2013 WGC Match Play and represents the Bridgestone brand proudly. It also helps that this “cuts made” master grabs a nice sized paycheck every time he plays.
14 Luke Donald $2,926,655 $7,000,000 $9,926,655 Luke’s TV market value is always high. The Mizuno/RBC sponsored pro never won a major but was recently World No. 1 which helped his marketability.
15 Steve Stricker $6,590,532 $3,000,000 $9,590,532 Doesn’t play as much as he used too, but when he does, he always seems to be in the hunt. Steve jumped up 19 spots on the list this year, and perhaps the off course earnings were those putting lessons he gave Tiger?
16 Graeme McDowell $4,515,205 $5,000,000 $9,515,205 A great personality will always get you somewhere. This is especially true in pro sports. GMac is the poster boy for Srixon Golf and he picked up a nice win last year at the RBC.
17 Lee Westwood $2,889,087 $6,500,000 $9,389,087 This Englishman needs to win his first major very soon or he may see himself drop off this list next year. Still representing the PING brand, Westwood’s play hasn’t been all that great of late.
18 Jordan Spieth $4,669,820 $4,500,000 $9,169,820 Not bad for a rookie huh? With the way Speith’s been playing we’re sure the (now) 21 year old will be here again next year, possibly even ranked higher.
19 Dustin Johnson $4,643,214 $4,500,000 $9,143,214 DJ is a consistent money earner who’s soon to be married to the luscious Paulina Gretzky. Still repping the TaylorMade and Adidas brands strong, Dustin could possibly be a top 15 on next year’s list.
20 Jim Furyk $3,474,779 $5,250,000 $8,724,779 Jim’s been a consistently big earner on TOUR for decades. Covered by long term sponsorship deals, he’ll continue to make a decent paycheck throughout his career and retirement, especially if he notches a couple more big wins.

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