DST Compressor Review

DST Compressor Review

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DST Compressor Review

I recently have been testing the new DST Compressor Training Aid.  As a full time golf coach who works with players of all levels, I am always looking for new ways to help people improve.  Not only am I working hard to help them improve but trying to simplify the process.

I truly believe golf instruction is heading in a bad direction with how technical it has become.  We are not robots, yet so many are trying to teach people to think like robots.  So many times players are overthinking about very technical movements with no regard to impact.

The ball only knows what the club face tells it.

I believe in simplicity and understanding causes.  When players understand what they are trying to do, they usually can do it.  In most cases, golfers are great students with bad information.  I see many players come to me with a “reverse pivot,” but have been told to keep their head still and shift their weight.  Their head will then stay still and their hips move creating an unorthodox motion.  Good student with bad information.  Again, this is all important because you should be able to understand what you are trying to do to accomplish a repeatable impact.

The DST Compressor is an interesting new training aid.  The Compressor does just that, it gives you a visual of what you are trying to accomplish.  You are trying to accomplish the hand and handle leading the club head through impact with the face square.  There is an art to doing this which is what the pros do and the amateurs do not.  Now, leading the handle with the face square is truly the key.

DST Compressor Review View Looking Down

A view of the DST Compressor looking down. You can see the curvature that provides a visual aid of where a player’s position should be at impact.

May players try to lead into impact by pulling the handle or chopping with their body and can’t ever hit it solid.  The DST Compressor gives a great image right when you hold it of what you are trying to do.  You can physically feel what a proper impact should feel like.  This is important because players can really see what is supposed to happen.  I ask every player I work with, “what should impact look like?”  I have had high level collegiate players tell me, “I do not know.”

In terms of the product itself, I much prefer the 8 iron over the wedge and that is based on my personal teachings.  I do not believe in full swings with a wedge and I do not believe a wedge should ever have that amount of forward shaft lean.  In the short game you should really learn how to use the sole of the club to hit shots with great feel, not the leading edge.  The 8 iron does give a great look and feel for players to feel and visualize impact.  I believe that is the strength of the DST Compressor.

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