Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review

Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review

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Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review

Golf training aids, to me, are the definition of a gimmick. Some are great; some are less great, but the one uniting characteristic of all training aids is that their only goal is to make you a better player. So, when I was given the chance to test and review the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat, I jumped at it in a hurry.


The Perfect Pitch, as you can see above, is a relatively normal range style mat, but with a twist. The Perfect Pitch has dots and lines to set up your stance, club path and ball position. The mat itself is of a pretty high quality. It’s not extremely heavy-duty, but the mat was able to stand up to all 6’3” of me without much issue. The goal of the Perfect Pitch is to get you into the proper position to hit 3 different shots. The red lines are for a chip shot, the white lines for pitch shots, and the yellow for a flop or lob. The mat does come with a handy starter guide that will teach you the basics of how to properly position yourself and how to swing the golf club properly for each different shot. It’s quite a simple concept that is often seen in putting and swing trainers, but this is the first short game specific alignment tool that I have ever seen.

Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review - Chipping

After just 20 shots on the Perfect Pitch, my average radius improved from 14’7″ to just 3’1″.


The Perfect Pitch is, to be perfectly honest…absolutely fantastic. Too many times with training aids, the designer over-engineers the device to the point that you end up playing an impromptu game of twister trying to use it. The Perfect Pitch is brilliant in its simplicity, in that it sets you up for success, while still allowing you the freedom to customize it to your individual stroke. To test the Perfect Pitch, I took it out to a practice green and hit 20 each of my normal chips, pitches and flops and then hit 20 of each off of the Perfect Pitch. Finally, I hit 20 more of each shot off the mat, using the positions I just learned.

My first 20 chips (20 yards with 5 yards of carry) ended up an average of 13’7” from the cup. My 20 chips off the Perfect Pitch averaged 10’1” and my 20 chips off the mat averaged 11’8”. That’s nearly 15% closer after just 20 balls. My 35 yard pitch shots showed similar improvement going from 20’0” to 16’4”. Those are great numbers, and the Perfect Pitch does exactly what it says it does in regards to those two types of shots. But to truly appreciate this product, you need to hit a proper lob with it. The flop/lob shot usually requires a great deal of touch and precision, but often this is due to the position of the golfer and the position of the ball. My flop shot (a shot I thought I had a decent grasp of) test blew me away. My first 20 shots, which was a 25 yard high lob to a short sided pin, averaged 14’7” from the cup. After 20 on the Perfect Pitch, my next 20 flops averaged 3’1”(!). The Perfect Pitch is an amazing tool for limiting the amount of touch you need to pull off a good high lob.

It only took 30 chip shots to remove the red ball position dot.

Perfect Pitch Golf Mat Review - Durability

It only took 30 chip shots to remove the red ball position dot.


This is the only drawback I’ve encountered with Perfect Pitch. After only about 30 shots, the red chip shot ball position dot is all but gone. The markings on the mat are not colored blades of synthetic grass, but rather they are applied like paint after the fact, which makes the areas which are struck very susceptible to rubbing off. As I mentioned above, the mat build quality is top-notch, although it can get a bit malleable when you lay it on deeper rough, but as you can see in the picture, the white “pitch” dot is nearly gone after the same amount of shots, while the yellow “flop” dot has hardly any damage. Presumably this is because of your differing angle of attack, but the fact remains that I expect to receive a considerable amount of use from a product in this price range.


The Perfect Pitch Golf Mat retails for $64.95. This price point initially seemed a bit high to me, but the more I researched comparable products, the better value this becomes. Comparable sized golf mats retail for between $50-125, and they don’t even have magical alignment markings on them like the Perfect Pitch. If you’ve ever found yourself at the golf shop, perusing new wedges, just take a minute to think about how you’re already willing to spend on a better short game. For half the price of one name brand wedge, the Perfect Pitch can add an arsenal of shots to your golf quiver.


I’m in love with the Perfect Pitch Golf Mat as a training aid. It’s simple, practical, and super effective. While I’m not super enthused about the current method of application for the alignment markings, I think it’s something that can be overlooked as it doesn’t render it unusable. The $64.95 price point is about right for a comparable golf mat and the markings add tons of value to a product that many people already use. You can get yours at Perfect Pitch Golf’s Website, as well as on Amazon, or from a number of pro-shops nationwide.


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