Who’s Got the Most Coin: Top 20 PGA TOUR Money Earners in 2012

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Rory McIlroy's new home Top 20 PGA TOUR Money Earners in 2012

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We all watch these guys play golf every week.  Some don their sponsors’ logos from head to toe, while others fight just to stay on TOUR.   One week you may win $1,000,000 and the next week you may miss the cut and collect nothing.  Some have backyard golf holes, private jets and yachts, while others may rent a car to drive to the next tournament.   We broke down the top 20 money earners on TOUR last year and show you who’s living the good life.

Top 20 PGA TOUR Moneyt Earners in 2012:

2013 Rank Player Name 2012 On Course Earnings 2012 Off Course Earnings 2012 Total Earnings Notes
1 Tiger Woods $9,124,386 $77,000,000 $86,124,386 After losing some sponsors due to his marital scandal, Tiger landed on his feet nicely in 2012 with 3 PGA TOUR wins. We highly doubt anyone will ever make more money in this game than Tiger.
2 Phil Mickelson $5,335,267 $40,000,000 $45,335,267 Mr. Lefty has 40 TOUR wins, 4 major championships, and is one of the nicest guys on TOUR. Sponsors would pay to be embroidered on this guy’s underwear for no one to see.
3 Arnold Palmer $40,000 $36,000,000 $36,040,000 A living legend. It’s also nice to have a drink created and named after you. Palmer more money rolling in both foreign and domestic sources than he probably even knows about.
4 Jack Nicklaus $47,000 $28,000,000 $28,047,000 No need to explain this one… Nowadays, anything the Golden Bear touches, turns to gold.
5 Rory McIlroy $15,582,782 $7,000,000 $22,582,782 This doesn’t factor in any new money from Nike when they recently became his sole sponsor. We see this young Irishman in the top 3 in earnings by next year. And he’s only 23…
6 Ernie Els $4,610,625 $14,000,000 $18,610,625 Ernie has made an amazing living playing both TOURs and winning some big name events.
7 Brandt Snedeker $15,427,444 $2,000,000 $17,427,444 The $10 million he made in 2012 for winning the FedEx Cup helped him surge in money rankings. The good news is that Brandt is a great humanitarian and very likable family man.
8 Greg Norman $78,710 $17,000,000 $17,078,710 The Shark logo sells…very well. Apart from golf gear, his course designing and wine producing ventures make the registers ring for Mr. Norman.
9 Luke Donald $6,787,901 $7,500,000 $14,287,901 A consistent contender, Luke spends a lot of time on the top of the World Rankings board which gets a ton of TV time and ultimately makes him a more valuable billboard.
10 Gary Player $12,000 $14,000,000 $14,012,000 As you can see, this living legend earned most of his money off the course. At his age, he’s still signing corporate sponsors.
11 Lee Westwood $5,866,484 $7,500,000 $13,366,484 This guy loves wearing his sponsors’ logos. Oh, and he’s a pretty darn good golfer as well.
12 Sergio Garcia $3,342,248 $10,000,000 $13,342,248 No major wins for this guy, although he is the most overdue of anyone on TOUR. Garcia’s looks and personality earn him plenty of off-course sponsor money.
13 Justin Rose $9,413,407 $3,750,000 $13,163,407 Rose banked a lot of money by playing both PGA and Euro TOURs. His earnings are primarily on-course winnings, but his Ryder Cup win in ’12 helped his cause.
14 Louis Oosthuizen $7,294,695 $2,500,000 $9,794,695 It pays to be a consistent player on TOUR. His personal brand begin to flourish after a disappointing runner-up at the ’12 Masters. Sponsors love that Louis is usually in the hunt on Sundays.
15 Ryo Ishikawa $1,636,143 $8,000,000 $9,636,143 He’s the best player in Japan and homeland pays him very well in sponsorships. Ishikawa has yet to win on the PGA TOUR.
16 Jim Furyk $4,075,472 $5,550,000 $9,625,472 The 5-Hour Energy golf poster boy is usually pretty consistent on TOUR. Other than his play, his TV commercials and charitable work have led to his big sponsor pay days.
17 Graeme McDowell $4,601,827 $4,500,000 $9,101,827 It helps to be a U.S Open champion, or any major champ for that matter. Corporate sponsors take good care of this Irishman.
18 Bubba Watson $5,512,036 $3,500,000 $9,012,036 Who needs golf lessons? Bubba never did. This home grown lefty turned heads with his famous recovery shot at the 2012 Masters. Sponsors eat up this guy’s wacky personality.
19 Adam Scott $3,800,286 $5,000,000 $8,800,286 It pays to be a good looking Aussie golf phenom. Scott rolls in the dough back home and isn’t too shabby on the course.
20 Dustin Johnson $4,269,527 $4,500,000 $8,769,527 DJ got a pay raise in 2012 from his sponsor TaylorMade. His game has really improved and his Kapalua victory in 2013 may be the start of some big money in 2013.


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