Playing a New Golf Course? Here’s How to Play it Well

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Discount golf services such as GolfNow and offer the ability to play courses you might not have known about or played before. Or, maybe your buddy has just joined a country club and invited you to play a round with him. Or, you’re a ringer and your “teammates,” – you know, the guys you just met in the parking …

Golf Aiming Tips How to Aim for Dead Accurate Shots

Golf Aiming Tips – How to Aim for Dead Accurate Shots

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Golf is a target game, and just like any other target-based game, aiming is essential to your success in golf. Unfortunately, and oddly, many golfers completely ignore this part of the game.  If you pay attention to the other players at your local golf course on the average Saturday morning, you will find that most of them are hardly aiming …

The Smart Way to Play Up Over and Around Golf Obstacles

The Smart Way to Play Up, Over, and Around Obstacles

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Most golf courses contain obstacles, that little bit of info should come as no surprise to anyone.  While they are frustrating if you get stuck behind one during your round, they also serve to make the game more interesting—a course that is laid out over flat, open ground with absolutely nothing between you and the hole would get rather boring. …

How to Teach Your Kids to Play Golf

How to Teach Your Kids to Play Golf

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Golf is a great game, however, the sport is also all-to-often associated more with an older (and often retired) crowd than it should be.  That stereotype is not without it’s merits either, after all, many of the requirements of the game, such as patience and remaining quiet while others are playing, are not exactly traits that come naturally to most …