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Rich Rawdin Hole in One


Name: Rich Rawdin

Date: July 16, 2012

Course:  Swan Lake Golf Course in Manorville, NY

Hole: 13th Hole, Par 3, 222 Yards

Club: TaylorMade Burner 2.0 3 Wood

Story:  “As soon as I hit the ball I knew it was a good shot, no idea it was going in the hole!  My golf buddy Ryan said to me “ It’s in the hole dude!”  We rode up to the hole, and there it was, my first hole in one.  What an amazing feeling.

Jay Root Hole in One - GolficityName: Jay Root

Date: June 1999

Course:  Omaha Country Club, Omaha, NE

Hole: 5th Hole, Par 3, 166 Yards

Club: Driver

Story:  “I was 12 and it was a late Thursday June evening in 1999. I was playing with my dad and my sister was tagging along in the cart.

The Member Guest tournament was hosting their opening ceremony that evening at Omaha Country Club (the course I played; also the course for the 2013 Senior Open this coming summer).

It was the 5th hole which has one of the more challenging greens—definetly at OCC and possibly one of the more difficult greens I’ve ever putted. It’s an elevated green (hill in front) with multiple different breaks and speeds on the green due to its topography.

I stepped up to the green tees with a driver—remember I was only 12 and had not developed the most efficient (nor powerful!) swing yet. I ripped a line drive right into the right side of the hill with the ball bouncing on the green on the far right side of the green. THe pin was on the exact opposite side. The ball started rolling right to left until none of us could see it. The actual hole placement was situated so that we could not see the hole and my dad figured the ball rolled off the green on the left side. I thought “or maybe it went in the hole!” We approached the green and we didn’t see the ball. My sister ran to the hole looked down and started screaming and jumping because the ball landed in the hole.

We kept quiet that night because we didn’t want to cover the drinks for the entire member-guest party!”

Ken Stankiewicz Golfnut59 Hole in One - GolficityName: Ken “Golfnut59” Stankiewicz

Date: December 9th, 2011

Course:  Sand Barrens Golf Club, Swainton, NJ

Hole: North Course 4th Hole, 322 Yards

Club: 3 Wood

Story:  “That day I was playing the black tees on the the South to North Course.  I Finished the front 9 ( South Course) and made the turn for the North Course.  The North 4th (or 13 hole) is a dog leg to the right and a large slope bunk is 250 yard carry to reach the fairway for a straight shot.  I tee the ball and hit a 3 wood knowing that I could carry the ball over the bunker.  When we came to where my ball should be we realized that it was not in the fairway.  I looked in the bunker, ball was not there.  after 5 minutes of looking I dropped a ball 60 yard from the green at the top of the bunker.  I hit a sand wedge to with in 1 ft of the flag.  As I was walk up to the green one of the guys asked if the could mark my ball, but when he got to the pin, he yelled there is a ball in the hole.  He pulled the ball out and there was my name on the ball. My first hole-in-one and took me 42 years of playing to get one.

I have seen over 120 holes-in-one and that eeeerks me.  I lent a friend( beginner) $3000 to buy a set of custom made clubs and the day he picked up the clubs we went out to play and on the second hole he scored an Ace.  137 yard miss-hit 9 iron took one bounce and in the hole.  I received my money a month later.”

Stephen Higgins Shingle Creek Golf Club Hole in OneName: Stephen Higgins

Date: October 25th 2010

Course:  Shingle Creek Golf Club, Orlando, FL.

Hole: 15th, Par 3, 138 Yards

Club: Taylormade R11 8-Iron

Story:  “The ball started right of cup, bounced on green, and rolled around the slope towards hole.  I thought ball had finished behind flag, but my playing partners had seen it going into hole.”

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