Holly Sonders Dropped from Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

Holly Sonders Ousted From Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

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She became the feature in most golf blog’s sexiest women in golf posts almost from the start.   There is no doubt that Holly Sonders has been a significant sex symbol within the game of golf for some time.   Four years ago, Sonders was pulled away from the Golf Channel to join their newly aqcuired USGA/US Open coverage.

Still nobody ever knew what her role would be since she was reassigned from U.S. Women’s Open coverage the following month after a struggling during the player interview portion, however it is clear that she has worked in a variety of roles when covering both U.S. Opens and U.S. Women’s Opens.

In fact, according to Golfweek, Sonders was the second big hire next to Greg Norman.  Like Sonders, Norman didn’t last long and in fact, his stint ran out after only one season as the lead analyst.  

“I’m incredibly proud to have been a part of Fox Sports’ USGA coverage,” Sonders said during a conversation with Forecaddie/Golfweek. “The entire golf team has become like family and I learned a lot working alongside them. I look forward to continuing my relationship with Fox Sports as I transition into a studio role and am excited about the opportunities ahead of me.

Despite getting bumped from golf, Fox Sports confirmed her continued role on non-golf coverage.  “Holly is a valued member of the Fox Sports family and we’re thrilled to continue working with her,” it read.   Her contract is set to expire after the 2026 championship season. 

So since Holly will no longer associated with the game of golf, we think it’s appropriate to pay one more tribute to one of best looking ladies in the game.

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