Nude Golf is Apparently Becoming a Thing in Australia

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Brace yourself because at the Humpty Doo golf course in Darwin, Australia, participants in an inaugural event have added the caveat that all players in the tournament are required to play in the nude. Well, I guess it isn’t completely nude, because some players will be wearing hats, shoes, and golf gloves, but you get the idea.

The event was founded by Bruce Jensen and his wife Julie. Bruce and Julie converted to nudism after discovering the movement on a beach near their home and came up with the idea a few months ago. “We presented the event before the club committee. It took months of negotiating, but they finally said we could play naked golf,” Bruce said.

The event is aptly called the “Wandering Bears Cup.”

Any course or country club would have to have some major concerns of having this kind of tournament on their grounds, but Jensen said they came to a compromise, allowing the group to play all 18 holes except for numbers 8 and 9, which are in full view of the clubhouse. Jensen claims the event was such a hit, however, that the course wants them back next year. And Jensen plans to push to play all 18 next time around.

Playing golf in the nude obviously presents some challenges. Outside of getting weird looks from bystanders, there are also worries of chafing, which happened to one player after carrying his bag the whole course. But this is hardly the first example of naked sports. There’s an annual nude volleyball tournament in Pennsylvania every year and apparently trans-Atlantic rowing has it’s own nudist component to it.

This just goes to show that golf can bring out people with all kinds of interests and passions. And while I don’t expect we’ll see anyone like Tiger Woods playing nude in any event (thankfully), perhaps this is something that will catch on and move over to the Europe and U.S. in the future—but be careful what you wish for.

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