Arccos Golf is at the forefront of a tech movement that’s revolutionizing the way we play and learn the game of golf.  In this episode of The Golf Podcast, we speak with Arccos Co-Founder Sal Syed about how Arccos is leveraging big data to improve the golf game of the “everyday” player.  We’ll dive into the story of how Arccos was founded and explore the company’s future as Sal looks forward to a stream of even more exciting innovations.


Fantasy Preview

As endings to golf tournaments go, they don’t often come as pant-shreddingly exciting and nerve-racking as the conclusion of the Travelers Championship last week.

The key takeaway points? Daniel Berger is slowly but surely becoming a potential winner in any given PGA TOUR tournament, while after his chip in from the bunker we can confirm that Jordan Spieth indeed does have balls of steel. He struggles to get the job done on Sundays though; but then some things never change.