HackersRx Review

HackersRx Review – A Simple Golf Aid That Will Make You Better, Faster

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For anybody that wants to get better at golf, they should definitely approach golf swing advice within the boundless parameters of Google and YouTube with strict caution.  “Your left elbow needs to be straight throughout the backswing, and your shoulders need to turn like you were stuck in a hollowed keg…and imagine your eyes have shot roots into the center …

Kirkland Signature golf ball 2

Did Costco Just Release a Better Golf Ball than Titleist?

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Yes, Costco, the global retail behemoth known for gigantic warehouse shopping centers and dirt cheap prices, have just released a Kirkland Signature golf ball….and it may just be the best performing ball on the market. It’s come with its share of controversy as big names like Hank Haney and Michael Breed have come outright to discredit initial ball tests because …

black-friday golf deals

Best 2016 Black Friday & Cyber Monday Golf Deals

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Welcome back to that magical time of year when golf retailers slash their prices in honor of our two favorite shopping “holidays,” Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you shop smart and play your cards right you can take advantage of these Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals and load up with enough golf gear to get you through 2017 without ever …


Wait, a Set of PXG Irons Costs How Much?

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You have to love Bob Parsons.  The billionaire founder of GoDaddy and golf fanatic decided one day that he wanted to get more out of his golf equipment.  So why not start a golf equipment company and use some crazy new technology—which all obviously comes at a significant premium? Let’s try to figure out if these irons are worth it. …