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Look Out for Lots of New Putter Tech & Simulators in 2018

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So the PGA Show recently wrapped up in Orlando, and while it’s still way too early to name anything a “best product,”  there’s some putter-focused stuff worth highlighting. New Putters Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, and TaylorMade all hit the ground running and debuted some new putters during the PGA Show Demo Day. Scotty Cameron’s release consisted of various blades and mallets that …

My Review of theHanger by Watson Golf

My Review of theHanger by Watson Golf

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It’s no secret that every golfer is looking for the miracle training aid that will fix all of your swing flaws and have you hunting birdies and shooting in the low-70s after just a couple of uses.  Unfortunately, there’s a lot of expensive training aids out there and, I’m sorry to deliver the bad news, most of them probably aren’t going to help …

Smart Golf Balls Gen 1 Oncore

Smart Golf Balls are Here

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A little over a month ago, I wrote an article that discussed the future of golf in 2018.  One of the things that piqued a lot of interest was OnCore’s Genius smartball. Basically, the Genius will provide golfers with the same data you can get from a Trackman: (1) GPS location within 1-foot accuracy; (2) shot velocity (off the tee and average); (3) carry …

PXG Gloves 60

PXG’s Golf Glove Price Will Make Your Head Spin

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Either PXG is starting to feel the heat from all the lawyers’ fees they’re racking up with the TaylorMade lawsuit or they’re going all in on the “1% golfer” market.  I mean, very few people have questioned how good the PXG 0311 series irons are, largely because of PXG’s proprietary thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) material that is injected into the clubhead, but …

More Jailbreak and Callaway Goo in Rogue Irons

More Jailbreak and Callaway “Goo” in Rogue Irons

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As if yesterday’s news wasn’t enough, Callaway isn’t done Jailbreaking.  Instead, Callaway revealed the new Rogue hybrids and… wait for it… they have Jailbreak too! Similar to the new Rogue Fairway Woods, the Rogue Hybrids will have steel, in contrast to titanium in the Rogue Drivers, rods connecting the crown and sole of the club head, which will help transfer a lot …