2017 Year of the Driver

2017 – The Year of Driver Tech

Eric Benzenberg Equipment Comments

Normally every year brings the same old song and dance from club manufacturers: “Our new driver [insert crazy name] hits it 15 yards further than last year’s model.” However, how many times have we heard this story:  you finally get that brand new, “totally revolutionary” driver in your hands after you just upgraded from the previous model, or maybe even …

Bridgestone TOUR B Wedges (5)

First Look: Bridgestone Golf TOUR B XW-1 Forged Wedge Review

Michael F Equipment Comments

I need to start off by saying that I have always been a fan of Bridgestone Golf balls whether it was the e6 line to even now, their TOUR B set. However, I have never used, practiced, or performed with Bridgestone golf clubs and I was super excited to get my hands on these wedges. We’ve seen countless professionals on …


Sergio Garcia and TaylorMade Part Ways – What it Means for Your Golf Game

Eric Benzenberg Equipment Comments

Sergio Garcia—winner of the 2017 Masters—parted ways with TaylorMade after 15 years together yesterday.  While it’s unlikely that the general public will ever learn the dispositive “why,” there are some clear inferences that can be drawn.  Sergio has been seen a couple times during the past few weeks with Callaway equipment, in particular the Toulon putters and new Mack Daddy …

SelfieGolf Review

SelfieGolf Easily Solves Your Swing Video Problem

Kris McEwen Equipment Comments

From the very moment engineers integrated a camera into a phone, golfers have been trying to record their swings. And from that very moment, golfers have struggled with setting up the said camera phone to properly capture their swing. Sure, you can ask a stranger. But that only gets you one or two swing videos, hardly enough footage to accurately capture swing …

Two Guys with Balls Review

Two Guys with Balls – Second Chance Golf Ball Review

Mike Ricciardelli Equipment Comments

Two Guys with Balls walk onto a golf course.  They scour through woods, dive in ponds, mow down fescue just to find…your lost golf balls.  Thus follows the business model, the website, the customer service, the touch of quality control and, Arnie’s Army. Two Guys with Balls isn’t how your uncle’s joke begins, it’s the latest competitor in the recycled/used …