Golf Reading

The Pros and Cons of Reading About Golf

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I’m usually one who watches a lot of golf on television – A LOT of golf. Admittedly, I missed the majority of the Tournament of Champions due to football playoffs, returning to work after the holidays, and forgetfulness. Any other year, I would be waiting to watch the beauty of the Hawaiian course and last year’s winners battling it out …

Pay-By-The-Hour Golf

Pay-By-The-Hour Golf is Both Brilliant and Dangerous

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According to a story on Lake News Online, the Lodge of Four Seasons in Missouri is launching a pay-by-the-hour option to their traditional golf pricing model. On the surface, it seems like a brilliant idea, especially for those of us that pride ourselves on playing faster than average pace of play.  It also is a great way for a golf course …


One Golf Fan’s Experience Trying a Hand at Fantasy Golf

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The PGA TOUR kicks off the 2017 portion of the season with the SBS Tournament of Champions this week, and I decided to try my hand at fantasy golf. I logged into a website that will remain nameless, but its name rhymes with “daft things,” which is kind of how I felt clicking submit on my lineup. To say I’m …

2016 Passing of Arnold Palmer

2016 Golf Year in Review #1 Biggest Event

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What story could possibly be at the top of this list? What was the biggest golf story of the year? Let’s recap: Number 10 was the dominance on the LPGA Tour of women not from the United States. Nine was the rules changes that went into effect at the beginning of the year. Eighth and seventh were Henrik Stenson and …

Golf Returns to the Olympics

Golf Year in Review #2: Golf Returns to the Olympics

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The year was 1904. That’s 112 years ago if you’re doing the math in your head. There were only 45 states. The average life expectancy in the USA was 47 years, and more than 85% of homes had no bathtub. On the list of things that had not been invented yet, you could find iced tea, canned beer, Mother’s Day, …

The Return of Tiger Woods 2016

Golf Year in Review #3: The Return of Tiger Woods

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It is a testament to the shadow that he previously cast that it is news when a guy who hadn’t played a competitive round of golf in nearly a year and a half returned to the golf course, and finished higher in a countdown of most notable events of the year in the sport ahead of the fact that four …

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Golf Year in Review #5: Jimmy Walker Wins the PGA Championship

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Talk about languishing on Tour as a veteran before finding his way to the winner’s circle! Jimmy Walker was a journeyman pro, arriving on the PGA TOUR in 2005 after playing off and on the Nationwide Tour since 2001 where he collected his first two professional wins. Embed from Getty Images   The big-hitting Oklahoman had a rocky start to …

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Golf Year in Review #6: USA Wins the Ryder Cup

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The Ryder Cup started in 1927 as a biennial competition between players from the United States and players from Great Britain. In 1973, players from Ireland were added to the British team. Six years later, the Great Britain and Ireland team was expanded to include all of Europe. In the 25 events played from 1927 until 1983 (Four times the …