The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

Kris McEwen News, Opinion Comments

Kickstarter is well-known for getting some of the very best products and ideas off the ground. Back in 2012, Pebble Time got its start by raising over $20,000,000 for its state-of-the-art smartwatch. The Coolest Cooler was another invention that raised over $13,000,000 on the Entrepreneur website. Even Mystery Science Theater 3000 used Kickstarter to reboot the cult series. Sidenote: MST3K is …

Golf Ball Distance Problem on PGA TOUR

Is the Golf Ball Really At Fault?

Eric Benzenberg News, Opinion Comments

Last year during a press conference at August National, Jack Nicklaus said something very interesting: “Change the frigging golf ball.” Jack’s comment was in response to the continuous increase in the average driving distance among tour players.  While some people might have initially brushed it off, it’s impossible to ignore when two titans share the same sentiments. Just last week, Tiger stated on …


Why All Golfers Need to Complete a TPI Screen

Joe Ciliberti Opinion Comments

“Swing your Swing.” No better words than these from Arnold Palmer capture the current state of swings on the PGA Tour. From Justin Thomas to Dustin Johnson, players of all shapes and sizes are swinging across an inordinate amount of planes and angles. These unique swings truly show no one “perfect swing” exists and customizing your swing to your body’s …


Professional Golf’s Post-Tiger Viewership Problem

Josh Briggs Opinion Comments

In terms of sporting wonders, there may never be another spectacle to outshine the sight of vintage Tiger Woods—clad in his traditional final-round-Sunday red—overpowering a loaded PGA TOUR field, twirling irons as he strikes crisp approach shots, and delivering fist-pumps as clutch birdies drop. From Tiger’s 12-shot victory at the 1997 Masters, to his 15-shot victory at the 2000 Pebble …

Are Annual Golf Passes Worth The Cost

Are Annual Golf Passes Worth The Cost?

Richard E Todd Golf Courses, Opinion Comments

I’ve always dreamt of being a country club member – picturing an oak lined smoking room, crystal sparkling dining areas, mahogany lockers in the changing rooms, and a plush course with all day playing privileges. Unfortunately, I don’t have the finances, time, nor connections for this dream to materialize, but I’ve found a way to get close through purchasing a …

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Spieth and the Career Grand Slam: What Does History Predict?

Josh Briggs Opinion Comments

Two weeks ago at Royal Birkdale Golf Club in Southport, England, American Jordan Spieth accomplished a feat equaled by only seventeen other golfers in the sport’s history.  Four days prior to his twenty-third birthday, Spieth joined the ranks of golf legends like Jack Nicklaus, Gary Player, and Arnold Palmer by capturing three legs of the career grand slam.  With Spieth’s …

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Birkdale Crowns Kings: Spieth’s Victory Elevates Him into Elite Company

Josh Briggs Opinion, Players Comments

SOUTHPORT, England – The hallowed links of Royal Birkdale, host of ten Open Championships since 1954, have witnessed the triumphs of golf’s greatest icons on its wind-swept shores.  Peter Thomson, the legendary Australian player known for his five Open Championship victories, won two of his titles at Birkdale in 1954 and 1965. Embed from Getty Images   In 1971, Lee …

PGA All Star Game

Does the PGA need an All-Star Game?

Jamie MacDonald Opinion Comments

Does the PGA need an All Star Weekend? YEP! I sat and watched the MLB All-Star game and a thought ran through my mind, why couldn’t the PGA set something like this up for it’s best players? I for one loved that the MLB went back to just making the game fun again. To have both sides battling for home …