Tiger Woods Will Never Be the Greatest Player Ever

Todd Pataky Opinion Comments

It looks like Tiger Woods will not be playing in the Masters this year. Even if he does manage to find the fortitude to show up at Augusta, by all reports, his game is nowhere near tournament shape. If he doesn’t tee it up at Augusta, this marks the second consecutive Masters and the fifth straight major overall he will …

Arnold Palmer and The Masters

Arnold Palmer and The Masters

Todd Pataky Opinion Comments

As I write this, we are 21 days from the final day of the 2017 Masters, and 175 days since we lost our King. I don’t have an Arnold Palmer story. I never met him, nor interacted with him in any way, but he played a big part in my finding my way to golf simply because he was a …


Good Eating Habits on the Course

Nick Hagen Opinion Comments

Over the years of amateur golf, the game has provided some great lessons about learning and good habits. For example, it’s one thing to have an umbrella in your bag at all times, but quite another to study the weather report the evening before play. An umbrella is nice to have, sure, but if thoroughly prepared you’ll have the proper …


Will This Tiger Return Be Any Different?

Kris McEwen Opinion Comments

At this point, I’ve lost count as to the number of “returns” for Tiger Woods.  I’ve lost count of the optimistic articles and columns written.  And I’ve lost count of the number of let-downs as Woods once again faded away; leaving us all wondering if what once was, was no more. So what exactly is different this time?  Should we …

Golf Reading

The Pros and Cons of Reading About Golf

Eddie Coleman Opinion Comments

I’m usually one who watches a lot of golf on television – A LOT of golf. Admittedly, I missed the majority of the Tournament of Champions due to football playoffs, returning to work after the holidays, and forgetfulness. Any other year, I would be waiting to watch the beauty of the Hawaiian course and last year’s winners battling it out …