Don’t Tell Me to Tuck My Shirt In

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Dear Stodgy, Old, Golf Traditionalist, We’ve had about enough of you. We’ve had enough of the judgmental glares when you see my friends and I walking into the clubhouse. We’ve had enough of being blamed for the slow play on the course. And we’ve absolutely have had enough of “being what’s wrong with golf today.” We know you don’t like …


Give Love to the Little Brands

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Nothing screams “validation” for the big OEMs like wins on the PGA TOUR.  And whether you agree or disagree, it’s hard to argue when golf enthusiasts make a big deal over Tiger Woods signing deals with TaylorMade and Bridgestone Golf or when a [Insert OEM Company Name] staffer wins the [Insert PGA Event]. But something interesting caught my attention with …


Is Your Obsession With Distance Holding You Back?

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It’s no secret that maximum driving distance is something every amateur golfer strives for. It’s as if carrying 300 yards off the tee validates your status as a “better player” among amateur golfers and separates you from the weekend hackers.  And there’s nothing wrong with distance; it can be a weapon that helps take your game to the next level. …


Jordan Spieth, Augusta, and the Greatest Comeback that (Almost) Was

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The roars echoing late Sunday afternoon through the pines of Augusta National Golf Club felt timeless.  Without glancing at one of the massive green scoreboards that adorn the grounds each April, a patron could have believed for a moment that the roars were for Arnold Palmer as he edged Ken Venturi by a shot back in 1960—or for Jack Nicklaus …

the 2017 Distance Report Doesnt Support Reduced-Distance Golf Balls

Even the 2017 Distance Report Doesn’t Support Reduced-Distance Golf Balls

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On March 5, 2018, the USGA and R&A released the 2017 Distance Report. In sum, the report evaluated driving distance data from 2003 to 2017 from the PGA TOUR, European Tour, Japan Golf Tour, Web.com Tour, PGA TOUR Champions Tour, LPGA Tour, and Ladies European Tour. In addition, the report examined amateur golfers in the UK from 1996 to 2017. And despite …