Titleist CEO Comes Out Against Distance Control Balls

Titleist CEO Comes Out Against Distance Control Balls

Justin B. News Comments

It was reported just a few days ago that some golf ball manufacturers were coming out in favor of creating a distance-controlled ball for PGA TOUR professionals. Now, other major golf ball companies are coming out to fight that movement. Originally brought up last week in an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Bridgestone Golf CEO Angel Ilagan and USGA …

2017 Black Friday Cyber Monday Golf Deal

2017 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Golf Deal Round Up

Golficity Deals, News Comments

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are consistently the best days of the year to save big on golf gear. This time of year is the perfect storm for golf deals, with holiday, year-end, and off-season savings all coming together to bring us eye-popping discounts on our favorite equipment and apparel. So with wallets in hand we’ve rounded up all the …

The Amount of Money These Golfers Earn Per Shot is Mind Blowing

Kris McEwen News, Players Comments

We are constantly reminded while watching golf how much the top earners make on Tour. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a broadcaster reference “The Money List”, especially as it gets later in the year. To put it mildly, the best golfers in the world make a lot of money. And that doesn’t even take into account their …


Jeremy Roenick Provides More Proof that Golfers are “Unique” Individuals

Eric Benzenberg Just For Fun, News Comments

People are very quick to judge golfers and challenge whether we’re “athletes.” Yea, I know we don’t run around the field like football players or have to hit a moving ball like in baseball, but professionals like Tiger, DJ, Koepka, and Rory have all illustrated how valuable it is to treat golf no different than either of these sports. But …

The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

The Best Golf Kickstarter Projects You Should Know About

Kris McEwen News, Opinion Comments

Kickstarter is well-known for getting some of the very best products and ideas off the ground. Back in 2012, Pebble Time got its start by raising over $20,000,000 for its state-of-the-art smartwatch. The Coolest Cooler was another invention that raised over $13,000,000 on the Entrepreneur website. Even Mystery Science Theater 3000 used Kickstarter to reboot the cult series. Sidenote: MST3K is …

Golf Ball Distance Problem on PGA TOUR

Is the Golf Ball Really At Fault?

Eric Benzenberg News, Opinion Comments

Last year during a press conference at August National, Jack Nicklaus said something very interesting: “Change the frigging golf ball.” Jack’s comment was in response to the continuous increase in the average driving distance among tour players.  While some people might have initially brushed it off, it’s impossible to ignore when two titans share the same sentiments. Just last week, Tiger stated on …

Golfer Bites Police Officer

Brawling English Golfer Bites Police Officer

Justin B. News Comments

Last Friday, a few members of the West Cornwall Golf Club were celebrating a successful round of golf at the Tregenna Castle Hotel. Apparently, the celebration was a little too rowdy and police were called to quell the golfers before anything got out of hand. After arriving on scene to break up a fight that had started the officers came upon …