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Vijay Singh and the PGA TOUR are Headed to Court

Justin B. News, Players 1 Comment

After years of battling and delaying, it looks like the PGA TOUR will be heading to court over its decision to suspend Vijay Singh.  Although the court case they are dealing with isn’t as big as other major sports associations, like the NFL and the concussion lawsuits, for example, this case could still spell trouble for the PGA. Remember back in …

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European Tour Gets a Makeover Complete with Pyrotechnics

Justin B. News Leave a Comment

There has been much talk in recent memory about trying to get younger golfers involved at the highest levels of the game.  To accomplish this task, the European Tour set up a bunch of exciting stipulations for golfers last week. In its inaugural  tournament, the European Tour made wild alterations that made this tournament unique compared to anything golf has …