How to Know if Your Golf Game is Ready for a Switch to Forged Irons

How to Know if Your Golf Game is Ready for a Switch to Forged Irons

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Picking the right equipment for your game is an important step along the path to lower scores. Good equipment isn’t going to make this game easy – nothing makes this game easy – but it can help you to make progress toward reaching your goals. One of the most important topics in the golf equipment world is the set of …


Playing a New Golf Course? Here’s How to Play it Well

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Discount golf services such as GolfNow and offer the ability to play courses you might not have known about or played before. Or, maybe your buddy has just joined a country club and invited you to play a round with him. Or, you’re a ringer and your “teammates,” – you know, the guys you just met in the parking …

How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Golf Game

How to Get More Enjoyment Out of Your Golf Game – No Matter Your Skill Level

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As an amateur golfer, you should be playing the game mostly for enjoyment. Sure, you want to play well, and there is certainly nothing wrong with trying to shoot the lowest score possible. However, you don’t have a paycheck riding on the outcome of each round, so there is no reason to get overly upset when things aren’t going as planned. …


Golf Club Selection and Dialing In Your Elevation Changes

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Changing elevation is one of the biggest challenges you will face on the golf course. Sure, hazards like big ponds and deep bunkers are daunting, but something as simple as an approach shot played to a green well above the level of the fairway can be just as tough. When you have to deal with elevation change, you will need …


How to Use Your Hips to Generate a More Powerful Golf Swing

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In a good golf swing, the entire body works together as one cohesive unit.  It would be a mistake to say that any one part of your body is the ‘most-important’ when it comes to the swing, as all parts of the body are important. However, some parts certainly demand more attention than others. Golf instruction is often focused on …

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Over the Top From the Inside, A Simple Swing Thought

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“Pull down on the handle of the club.” “Hold the angle of your wrists.” “You’re swinging over the top.” “Swing from the inside.” I could go on, but you get the point. These are all things we’ve heard, seen, and been taught over the years. We’ve heard it from our local pro, from the resident family or friend golf instructor, …