Here’s Why Keeping the Golf Ball in Play Should be Your Top Priority (and How to Do It)

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It’s easy to think of golf as a complicated game. And to some degree, it is. After all, there are plenty of rules to follow, and the golf swing itself is incredibly complex. Many golfers have allowed themselves to get overwhelmed by the many things that can be thought about while on the course, and those players wind up falling …


60 Second Fix: Keeping Your Arms Soft to Generate More Swing Speed

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Sometimes the idea of keeping a loose grip can be a bit misleading. In fact, in order to swing the club fast, you have to have some pressure in your grip to ensure you’re holding the club securely. The key is keeping your arms soft which when combined with a secure grip can help you generate some more speed in …

Duffs to Darts

SERIES: Duffs to Darts: My One Month Check-in

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So, I’m one month in already. After officially announcing the project in early January I have spent the last month building the foundation for my year. I started the weekly vlog that drops every Wednesday night around 8pm CST. The whole purpose of this vlog is to act like a weekly therapist session. It’s an appointment I have with my …

Golf Back Pain X-Factor Swing

X-FACTOR Swing: New Study About Golf and Back Pain

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Injuries from golf?  You better believe it.  A new study has come out to tell you that your golf swing may be causing some medical concerns.  We kind of knew this already, but let’s dive into it a bit more. Many players suffer from medical concerns on the course which sometimes shuts down their careers for months, years, sometimes they even …


How to Get Your Arms and Body Synchronized for a Better Golf Swing

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Power and directional control (things we all want to have in our golf swing) both heavily rely on properly syncing up the arms and the body. So if you find yourself with an inconsistent flight path relative to your target, chances are the culprit is that synchronization between your arms and body simply isn’t there. Here are some drills you …

Does Looking at Your Target Actually Hurt Your Accuracy?

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Luke Kerr-Dineen over at posted the results of an interesting study comparing the results of a golf shot when a golfer looks at their actual target down the fairway versus those that look at a target closer to them. Here’s a snipped from that article: GOLF Top 100 Teacher Eric Alpenfels and Dr. Bob Christina, Emeritus Professor of Kinesiology at the …