K-Motion: Improve Faster with Bio-Feedback Technology

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Technology has become a part of normal, everyday life. Indeed, portable technology that allows us to be more efficient has shown to be most valuable. And golf is no exception. And after having the experience to do a swing evaluation, it’s no secret why K-Motion will be an invaluable tool for any golfer who’s looking to develop their skill and improve …


Duffs to Darts on a Dime – Documenting My Journey to Better Golf

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Every player who has ever taken on the game of golf seriously has been asked at least once “what’s your handicap?” That amazingly complicated tool that most of us don’t fully understand but we know the lower it is, the better we are as a player. It’s also the way that we can make the annual Golficity Virtual Open fair …


How Close Should You Stand to the Golf Ball

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As golfers, we like to pay attention to the details. Most players know that their success or failure in this game largely depends on how well they manage the small fundamentals that make up the golf swing. So, if you get the little things right, the big things should take care of themselves. The ‘small fundamental’ that we are going …


Clearing Your Hips for a More Consistent and Powerful Golf Swing

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The quest for most power is nearly universal in the game of golf. From beginners on up to professionals, nearly everyone would like to hit the ball farther. When you hit longer shots, you are able to use shorter clubs, and hopefully set yourself up for lower scores. It doesn’t always work out that way, but the vision in most …


How to Stop Negativity from Holding Your Golf Game Back

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The level of negativity in the game of golf is something that is often taken for granted. Think about it for a moment – when was the last time you said something good about your golf game, or heard someone else say something good about theirs? It’s probably been a while. Golfers are far more likely to bemoan something that …