Grizzly Bear Caught Vandalizing Golf Course In Montana

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There were plenty of stories about critters and reptile wreaking havoc on the fairways this year. Montana’s problem this week, however, may have been the most dangerous yet. The situation started at the Whitetail Golf Course close to Stevensville, Montana when some of the club pros noticed a few of their flag poles had been snapped. Originally, they believed this …


Some Dude Just Won 10,000 Euros on a Schauffele / Champ Parlay

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With the introduction of sports betting into the mainstream culture, golf has become one of the most popular sports to wager on, especially to create some excitement during the slower part of the schedule. And one man from across the pond cashed in big time on his bets. Betting on golf can always result in a big payoff, just think …


Paul Azinger Admits that Lobbied To Be Ryder Cup Captain Again

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It has been quite a whirlwind of a week for Paul Azinger with many new prospects heading for him this upcoming year. But the headline that may have had an even more impact this week was something that happened almost a decade ago. Earlier on Monday, Azinger was officially named as the replacement for Johnny Miller on NBC’s golf coverage …


Ever Wonder How Much a PGA TOUR Pro Makes to Wear All Those Logos?

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Brace yourself, because there are some big numbers ahead… But before we get into the dollars and cents, here’s a little background on where the data comes from: Recently spoke with a top sports agent, who spoke anonymously about the kind of money a PGA TOUR pro makes off of endorsement deals.  Specifically, the player profile outlined in the …