Golf Podcast 237: New Drivers, A Playing Lesson, and More

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We have A LOT to cover in this week’s episode of The Golf Podcast presented by Golficity. We’re diving into our recent playing lesson with Kevin Sprecher at Sleepy Hollow CC, plus we’ll be chatting about performance gains from our Titleist TS driver fitting, and a whole lot more. We also have a whole bunch of updates for you on …


Golf Podcast 234: Special Guest Erik Anders Lang

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Even if you don’t know his name, there’s a good chance you recognize Erik Anders Lang’s face, and that’s because this dude is everywhere! Some of you may know him as the host of Skratch TV’s “Adventures in Golf” while others might recognize him from those hilarious and off-the-cuff Vice commercials. Either way there’s no dying that Erik is living …


Golf Podcast 231: Interview with Legendary Wedge Designer Bob Vokey

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When you think superior wedges, one name always comes to mind, and that’s Bob Vokey.  Master craftsman Bob Vokey has been designing clubs for the biggest names in professional golf since the 1980s.  Now Vokey brings his knowledge and creativity to the latest lines of Bob Vokey designed Titleist wedges. This week on The Golf Podcast Frank and Mike chat …