Luke Wilson Called a Hero After Bill Haas Crash

Luke Wilson’s Heroic Acts Saved a Woman’s Life in Bill Haas Car Crash

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It was reported yesterday that Bill Haas was involved in a fatal car crash but escaped with minor injuries and swelling in his knees. But now, it’s being reported that one person who was thought to be a minor part of the situation was actually a hero. The accident that occurred on Tuesday night involved three cars, a Ferrari that …


I Hart Golf Podcast – Trick Shot Queen Tania Tare

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In this week’s episode Karin Hart chats with golf trick shot queen Tania Tare about how she got started doing trick shots, her bounce back from wrist surgery, and what her future holds as a professional golfer. Tune in and make sure subscribe on iTunes for more podcast episodes every week! Links from this Week’s Episode Tania Tare Instagram – @taniatare63 Tania …


European Tour Fantasy Golf Predictions – NBO Oman Open

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2018 NBO Oman Open Fantasy Preview After a brief sojourn to Australian for the fun but slightly bizarre Perth Super Sixes, the European Tour heads back to the Middle East for its first ever visit to Oman. The coastal gulf country is part of the burgeoning golf community in the desert, and so it was only natural for the Tour …


Billy Hurley III Just Put Out a Hilarious Attack Ad Against Jordan Spieth

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If you are one that pays attention to the political process, you know that midterm elections will be coming up this year. And in the spirit of that, Billy Hurley III got a little political himself. Hurley is one of two candidates that are running for the position of Chairman of the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council. Voting will be taking …


Fantasy Golf Picks, Odds, & Predictions – 2018 Genesis Open

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Fantasy Golf Picks, Odds, and Predictions for the Genesis Open 2018 Genesis Open Fantasy Preview Sometimes golf is the easiest sport in the world to predict: the best players in the world typically compete for the majors and the big paydays, and the rest battle it out for the crumbs off their table. Occasionally, however, the status quo is suitably …

Coach Rusty on The Golf Podcast

Golf Podcast 205: Trick Shot Artist Coach Rusty

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Golf trick shot artist Ryan Rustand, better known as Coach Rusty, has been absolutely lighting Instagram up with his amazing juggling skills.  In this week’s episode of The Golf Podcast we chat with Coach Rusty about how he got started with the game and what it’s like performing his trick shot shows in front of huge audiences. In This Show …

Sponsorship Exemptions Are Starting to Get Ridiculous

Sponsorship Exemptions Are Starting to Get Ridiculous

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It’s become the norm for some very high profile athletes to be provided a sponsorship exemption for a Tour event.  In fact, Steph Curry, who plays to a +0.7 handicap, participated in the Ellie Mae Classic, where he shot a pair of 74s and failed to make the cut.  Likewise, Tony Romo, who allegedly holds a +0.3 handicap, will be competing in …