Golf Podcast 215: Score Better By Eliminating Your Biggest Mistakes

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It might come as a surprise but scoring well in the game of golf is far more determined by your bad shots than your good shots.  This is a concept that is often overlooked by many amateur golfers, causing them to focus too much on trying to hit “great shots” rather than working on reducing their “big misses.” In this …


Fitness Friday – Golf Exercises to Improve Hip Flexibility

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Kirk Adams of Golf & Body NYC is back again this week with another Fitness Friday segment to help you improve hip flexibility which will lead to more distance on the golf course. Having better hip flexibility can help prevent common swing flaws like early extension, slide, sway, and hanging back while at the same time taking stress off your …


Walking on Clouds with the TRUE linkswear Outsiders

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I still remember my first pair of golf shoes because I still have scars from all the blisters. Fortunately, golf shoe manufactures have really made drastic improvements with the overall quality of their products.  And while the mainstream brands make great stuff, something is still missing…  Absolute Comfort. I’m talking “playing barefoot on well-manicured fairways and soft greens” level of …

Brandel Chamblee

Brandel Chamblee Attempting to Qualify for Senior Open

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Ok, so he’s not everyone’s favorite announcer. Let’s set the record straight. And, it’s nothing new for analysts to attempt a comeback in their sport. Jay Cutler did this in the NFL this past season, leaving FOX before ever calling a game to return to field. Now, one of golf’s most enigmatic analysts is attempting a small comeback. Brandel Chamblee …


TaylorMade to Start Selling Rory McIlroy’s Black Copper Putter

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Just last week, we had one of Tiger Woods’ practice putters sell online for an astronomical amount of money. While Tigermania is raising interest in the game and driving up prices of memorabilia TaylorMade is trying to start Rorymania. McIlroy is another former world number one golfer that is looking to recapture his dominant form that has only come in …


Argument Over Golf Etiquette Results in Stabbing

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Ever since its creation, golf has been seen as a “gentleman’s game” and has several rules of etiquette. Ironically, golf’s etiquette ended up resulting in a very ungentlemanly event among some friends. Back in August of 2017, three friends were enjoying their day watching a boxing match on TV before heading out to their local golf course in Australia. While …


Arccos Update – Now Connecting Golfers with Their Coaches

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Arccos has been a trailblazer in the golf tracking system world since 2014.  After updating from the original “bulkier” Arccos sensors to the smaller Arccos 360 sensors, Arccos released its first landmark update in 2017 with Arccos Caddie, which basically provides each user with their digital caddie. In essence, Arccos Caddie analyzes all of your performance data and then compares …


Is Your Obsession With Distance Holding You Back?

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It’s no secret that maximum driving distance is something every amateur golfer strives for. It’s as if carrying 300 yards off the tee validates your status as a “better player” among amateur golfers and separates you from the weekend hackers.  And there’s nothing wrong with distance; it can be a weapon that helps take your game to the next level. …