2019 PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day Recap

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As every golf junkie out there is aware, last week was the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show—an annual convention where all the biggest brands in golf, ranging from equipment, apparel, to even course maintenance and golf carts, get together and launch all of the new equipment they’ll be bringing to market. And while there was some drama leading up to this …

Arccos Caddie 2.0

Arccos Keeps Leading the Way with Caddie 2.0

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A couple of weeks ago, Arccos released Coaches Dashboard, which looks to help coaches more accurately identify where their students are struggling by providing them with invaluable on-course performance data.  While this is huge for golfers who work with coaches, this unfortunately doesn’t really help golfers who just use Arccos on their own. However, with the launch of Caddie 2.0, Arccos …


Arccos Update – Now Connecting Golfers with Their Coaches

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Arccos has been a trailblazer in the golf tracking system world since 2014.  After updating from the original “bulkier” Arccos sensors to the smaller Arccos 360 sensors, Arccos released its first landmark update in 2017 with Arccos Caddie, which basically provides each user with their digital caddie. In essence, Arccos Caddie analyzes all of your performance data and then compares …

Sal Syed Arccos on The Golf Podcast

Golf Podcast 173: Interview with Arccos Golf Founder Sal Syed

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Arccos Golf is at the forefront of a tech movement that’s revolutionizing the way we play and learn the game of golf.  In this episode of The Golf Podcast, we speak with Arccos Co-Founder Sal Syed about how Arccos is leveraging big data to improve the golf game of the “everyday” player.  We’ll dive into the story of how Arccos was …

Arccos Driver Tracking System Review

Hands-On Review of the New Arccos Driver Tracking System

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In a previous article, I recalled an interesting perspective from a former swing coach.  He would preach his strong belief that great golfers fall into one of two categories:  “Smart players” (those who can think their way around the course) and, for the sake of diplomacy, let’s call the second group “optimistic golfers”—the players who don’t need no stinkin’ warm ups; …