Golf Podcast 215: Score Better By Eliminating Your Biggest Mistakes

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It might come as a surprise but scoring well in the game of golf is far more determined by your bad shots than your good shots.  This is a concept that is often overlooked by many amateur golfers, causing them to focus too much on trying to hit “great shots” rather than working on reducing their “big misses.” In this …


Golf Club Selection and Dialing In Your Elevation Changes

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Changing elevation is one of the biggest challenges you will face on the golf course. Sure, hazards like big ponds and deep bunkers are daunting, but something as simple as an approach shot played to a green well above the level of the fairway can be just as tough. When you have to deal with elevation change, you will need …


How to Use Your Hips to Generate a More Powerful Golf Swing

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In a good golf swing, the entire body works together as one cohesive unit.  It would be a mistake to say that any one part of your body is the ‘most-important’ when it comes to the swing, as all parts of the body are important. However, some parts certainly demand more attention than others. Golf instruction is often focused on …

How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

How to Dial in Your Distance from the Bunker for Consistent Sand Shots

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If you watch golf on TV from time to time, you already know one thing to be true – professional golfers are incredible from greenside bunkers.  While this is a shot that most amateur golfers hate to encounter, it would seem that the pros relish in the chance to show off their skills. Given a good lie and enough room …


Change Your Beliefs and Change Your Game

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I have learned one thing during the past thirty-five plus years of working with golfers at all levels.  The people that struggle the most and have the hardest time getting better are actually held back by their own beliefs.  The hardest thing to accomplish when working with average golfers is to get them to stop doing something they are trying …