Clearing the Mechanism and Focusing on Your Target

“Clearing the Mechanism” and Focusing on Your Target

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I once had a golf instructor (we’ll call him Elmer) that basically—alright ACTUALLY—called me an idiot in front of a class of eager students.  This gentleman obviously had other personality issues as well, including that wonderful day when he smashed another student’s 7-iron in half when the student had the audacity to top a shot down the range. “HIT THE …

How to Effectively Simulate Pressure in Your Golf Practice Sessions

How to Effectively Simulate Pressure in Your Practice Sessions

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Whether you’re approaching a personal best, on your way to sweeping a $5 Nassau, or standing over a shot that could win you a tournament; pressure is a part of everyone’s golf experience.  People have different coping mechanisms that have varying levels of success.  Obviously in the perfect world we wouldn’t experience any pressure or its most common symptom, tension. …

Creating a Smart Practice Routine – Don’t Get Caught in Lee’s Trap

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Remember Lee Westwood, he held the hot potato that was the number 1 spot in the official world rankings after Tiger lost it back in 2010. Even though he held the number 1 spot, he did so with his exceptional ball striking and not with his short game which many on tour considered to be average. Like many amateur golfers, …

Simple DIY Weight Change You Can Make to Your Golf Clubs

A Simple Change You Can Make To Your Clubs That Can Drastically Change How Well You Hit Them

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This article is all about feel. When you can feel where the club head is you improve your chances of hitting a good shot dramatically and clubs have gotten lighter and longer over time. Tour players have an exceptional ability to feel the club and where it is in the swing. Higher handicappers seem to have less feel. I first …

Fairmont Banff Springs Devil's Cauldron

Canadian Mountain Tracks an Unforgettable Experience

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If it’s good enough for Derek Jeter as a parting gift from the Toronto Blue Jays to say farewell after his remarkable MLB career with the New York Yankees, then a trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada to play the Fairmont Banff Springs course is certainly good enough for you and me. But wait, we’re going to do the Blue Jays …

Chambers Bay Review

Chambers Bay: Host of 2015 U.S. Open Offers Ocean Views and Lots of Sand

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You often hear television commentators on PGA Tour broadcasts say that the pros prefer hitting out of sand as opposed to long, tangled rough. If in fact that is the case, that’s going to be a good thing when the best players in the world tee it up at Chambers Bay in 2015 for the U.S. Open. You see, as …