How to Improve Your Rotation for a Faster and More Powerful Golf Swing

How to Improve Your Rotation for a Faster and More Powerful Golf Swing

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It would be a mistake to say that the golf swing is ‘all about rotation.’ After all, there are countless different elements which go into a quality swing. You need to have balance, you need to have a good tempo, and you need to lag the club nicely – just to name a few key points.   However, rotation is extremely …

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Stay In Rhythm, Stay In Your Game

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Watching the Pros After spending time at a couple professional tournaments recently, there were numerous reminders about the importance of balance in the golf swing.  It was great to see the ball flight of some of the greatest players in the world.  At Erin Hills for the U.S. Open, watching the likes of Adam Scott and Rory McIlroy on the practice …


Golf Podcast 146: Learning to Master Your In-Between Yardages

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You’ve just found yourself “in-between” clubs…so now what?  Making the right (or wrong) decision can mean the difference between a birdie putt and a bogey save. In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike will discuss why putting a good swing on the ball is far more important than obsessing over selecting the right club.  We’ll also …


How to Get More Distance from Your Driver Without Sacrificing Control

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Believe it or not, it actually isn’t all that difficult to squeeze some additional yardage out of your driver. Even if you already hit the ball a decent distance from the tee, making a few mechanical adjustments to your swing should permit you to hit the ball a bit farther.  However, those adjustments often come at a price. While the …