Golf Podcast 146: Learning to Master Your In-Between Yardages

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You’ve just found yourself “in-between” clubs…so now what?  Making the right (or wrong) decision can mean the difference between a birdie putt and a bogey save. In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike will discuss why putting a good swing on the ball is far more important than obsessing over selecting the right club.  We’ll also …


How to Get More Distance from Your Driver Without Sacrificing Control

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Believe it or not, it actually isn’t all that difficult to squeeze some additional yardage out of your driver. Even if you already hit the ball a decent distance from the tee, making a few mechanical adjustments to your swing should permit you to hit the ball a bit farther.  However, those adjustments often come at a price. While the …


Keep a Steady Base with this Simple “Book Shelf” Putting Drill

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Go to any YouTube video where there’s Tour pro practice or tournament footage involved, and there’s sure to be a steady person.  For all the Tour pros I’ve watched putt live or on video, it seems they all have a couple things they do well: keep a steady head and keep a steady base. Just like most golfers, I’m always …