Keep a Steady Base with this Simple “Book Shelf” Putting Drill

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Go to any YouTube video where there’s Tour pro practice or tournament footage involved, and there’s sure to be a steady person.  For all the Tour pros I’ve watched putt live or on video, it seems they all have a couple things they do well: keep a steady head and keep a steady base. Just like most golfers, I’m always …


How Brushing your Teeth Leads to Better Putting

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Here’s the key to making putts:  wake up in the morning, brush your teeth, and head to the course.  Boom, one-putts! If only it were that simple.  But let’s spend a little more time in-depth about what this teeth/putting deal is all about. When do you last remember thinking about brushing your teeth in the morning?  Not just the act of cleaning your …


Use Clues from Mother Nature to Improve Your Putting

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We have all had it; it is one of the most gut-wrenching feelings for any golfer to have; it is the “I-cannot-read-anything” feeling.  Next time you are having a round that seems destined for 35, 40 or even 50 putts, use the following odd strategies courtesy of mother nature at its very best. Read the Sun The vast majority of …