Jimmy Walker Confirms that “Backstopping” is Real

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There are many unspoken traditions that golfers participate in, but there aren’t many left that are a mystery. However, one of golf’s greatest debates comes around the issue of “backstopping.” Backstopping is the idea that one player will purposely not mark his ball to create a small but possible backstop for another golfer that could hit the ball too hard …


When Honesty Hurts: Famous Rules Incidents in Golf’s Major Championships

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In the 1925 US Open, after assessing himself a one-stroke penalty for unintentionally causing his golf ball to move from a difficult lie in deep rough, Bobby Jones was universally praised by patrons and the media.  The self-imposed penalty forced a 36-hole playoff between Jones and Scotsman William Macfarlane, which Bobby would subsequently lose—denying him a record fifth US Open. …

More Come Out in Favor of Standardized Golf Ball

More Players and Manufacturers Come Out in Favor of Standardized Golf Ball

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For most sports out there, the professional level requires that there is a standard ball that is used. This is different for the sport of golf, however, as players can choose whatever ball they want to play with (so long as it conforms to USGA standards). But that may be coming to an end. Ever since the beginning of the PGA …

Tour Pro Gets Robbed by a Leaf

WATCH: Web.com Tour Pro Gets Robbed by a Leaf

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File this one under: when leaves attack! Golf is hard … especially when you're playing for a @PGATOUR card. ⛳️ pic.twitter.com/SoyWo6X01q — Web.com Tour (@WebDotComTour) September 24, 2017 Yes, that was an individual leaf rolling across the green, striking Matthew Southgate’s golf ball, and causing him to miss a birdie putt. Total bummer. But that’s not even the worst of …

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College Golfer Has to Dive in After Golf Ball to Save His Round

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Every golfer has been in the situation where you are determined to find a ball that you lost after a shot.  While this is common on the course, NCAA player David Wicks took this to a new level. Last week during at the Baton Rouge Invitational, Wicks, a senior at Jacksonville State made a terrible mistake.  After hitting his first …