Does Looking at Your Target Actually Hurt Your Accuracy?

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Luke Kerr-Dineen over at posted the results of an interesting study comparing the results of a golf shot when a golfer looks at their actual target down the fairway versus those that look at a target closer to them. Here’s a snipped from that article: GOLF Top 100 Teacher Eric Alpenfels and Dr. Bob Christina, Emeritus Professor of Kinesiology at the …

Golf Aiming Tips How to Aim for Dead Accurate Shots

Golf Aiming Tips – How to Aim for Dead Accurate Shots

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Golf is a target game, and just like any other target-based game, aiming is essential to your success in golf. Unfortunately, and oddly, many golfers completely ignore this part of the game.  If you pay attention to the other players at your local golf course on the average Saturday morning, you will find that most of them are hardly aiming …

Clearing the Mechanism and Focusing on Your Target

“Clearing the Mechanism” and Focusing on Your Target

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I once had a golf instructor (we’ll call him Elmer) that basically—alright ACTUALLY—called me an idiot in front of a class of eager students.  This gentleman obviously had other personality issues as well, including that wonderful day when he smashed another student’s 7-iron in half when the student had the audacity to top a shot down the range. “HIT THE …