Holly Sonders Dropped from Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

Holly Sonders Ousted From Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

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She became the feature in most golf blog’s sexiest women in golf posts almost from the start.   There is no doubt that Holly Sonders has been a significant sex symbol within the game of golf for some time.   Four years ago, Sonders was pulled away from the Golf Channel to join their newly aqcuired USGA/US Open coverage. A post shared …

USGA Changes Rules on Viewer Call-Ins

USGA Changes Direction on Viewer Call-Ins

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One of the most hotly debated issues in all golf for the past few weeks has been the rule that allows for viewers to call in and report possible rules violations on the course.  After much backlash and media attention, the USGA has now issued a change that targets this longstanding rule. The issue that sparked this concern happened on the …

USGA Release Proposed Rule Changes

R&A and USGA Release Proposed Rule Changes

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The USGA, the golf governing body of Mexico and the U.S., along with the R&A, who governs the rest of the golf world, have released an updated rulebook designed to simplify the game and help with pace of play. “It is important that the Rules (of Golf) continue to evolve and remain in tune with the way the modern game …