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PGA TOUR: Monahan Pushes Back On Players Over New Rules

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If you haven’t noticed that rule changes and cheating have become a major issue on the PGA TOUR this year, you simply haven’t been paying attention. Several pros have been disgruntled and vocal about their displeasure and now the PGA TOUR is finally pushing back. 2019 has become a major year for rules in golf with several being adapted or …


The USGA and R&A Driving Distance Report is Still Shortsighted

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If you follow me on Twitter (@krismcewen) or are part of our fun, sometimes odd, little golf Twitter world, you’re probably familiar with the seemingly quarterly debate regarding the distance in which the ball travels these days at the professional level. It’s a cyclical, never-ending debate between those that see no issue with guys “bombing and gouging” their way around …

Holly Sonders Dropped from Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

Holly Sonders Ousted From Golf Coverage at Fox Sports

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She became the feature in most golf blog’s sexiest women in golf posts almost from the start.   There is no doubt that Holly Sonders has been a significant sex symbol within the game of golf for some time.   Four years ago, Sonders was pulled away from the Golf Channel to join their newly aqcuired USGA/US Open coverage. A post shared …