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Custom Photo Ball Marker - GolficityAre you still marking your ball on the green with a tee or a penny?   Have you ever used a leaf because you can’t seem to find anything in your pocket?  Sounds like it’s time to get yourself a proper ball marker.

We recently had the pleasure of being introduced to, a company that allows you to simply upload any photo or logo to create a custom, personalized golf ball marker.  Custom or personalized ball markers are nothing new, and a simple Google will provide you with more options than you probably care to even sort through.  With that said, what we like about it that they provide the highest quality product, with the easiest design process, and the fastest service we’ve seen to date.

Custom ball markers make an excellent personalized gift for any golfer, and are an excellent handout to potential business clients. makes it incredibly easy to upload a personalized image or company logo with no special computer skills required.  To order you simply visit the Build Your Own page, upload your photos into custom photo editor and choose any desired accessories (i.e. hat clip, divot tool, etc.).  Whether it’s your company logo, or a picture of your favorite sports team, pet, or loved one, the photo import tool on helps ensure your image has the proper look and fit.

A few of the key benefits we noted upon receiving our custom Golficity ball markers were the overall durability of the finished product and the image quality of the photo we had uploaded to the website.  These markers feel sturdy and well-made; a contrast to some of the more flimsy ball markers we’re used to seeing on the course.  The image was also printed clearly and the colors came through exactly as desired, thus providing a perfect representation of our company logo.

The average quality logo ball marker in a golf store retails for $19.99 and may or may not come with a hat clip or other accessory to keep it in place. currently sells a set of three ball markers plus an accessory (Hat Clip, Divot Tool, or Key Chain) for only $24.95 plus shipping (a set of 5 is just $34.95).

Simply put, provided us with a quality custom photo ball marker that was on time, with great customer service, and at a reasonable price.  We highly recommend you keep in mind the next time you’re shopping for a special gift or corporate golf giveaway.

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