Stance Socks: Performance and Style For Your Feet

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Golf shoes have recently been getting a lot of attention, particularly shoes that are spikeless, feature a more minimalist-design, or are made with a more breathable knit pattern.  And who doesn’t love options?!?   However, no matter which pair of shoes you prefer, you’re going to wearing some type of socks that, ideally, should help provide that optimal connection between …


McEwen Reviews It: The Shot Scope V2

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the original Shot Scope V1. The shot tracker that tracked shots without “tagging” prior to a shot. The shot tracker that allowed you to accurately mark the pin placement on each green while you played. The shot tracker that, in turn, provided a player with a plethora of data and game …

PuttOut Golf Review

PuttOUT: Is it Really the Simple Way to Perfect Putts?

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We’re at the point in the calendar year where everyone around the world is in full golf-season mode. Driving ranges and courses are packed, people are working on their swings and enjoying warm air. With all of the play and range work, I asked myself “how much have I practiced my putting?” Putt for dough, right?  Most amateurs like myself …


Criquet Shirts – A Modern Twist on Iconic Golf Polo Design

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Golf apparel has recently become a very become very competitive marketplace.  As a result, company’s needs to do something to differentiate themselves from the rest of the pack.  Fortunately, Criquet Shirts has found a winning formula by putting a modern twist on an iconic and classic polo design. Billy Nachman and Hobson Brown founded Criquet back in 2010 with the …


JCR, Inc. Designs Bags With the Golfer in Mind

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There are plenty of companies that manufacture golf bags, but there are not that many golf bag manufacturing companies. The difference being companies that manufacture golf bags tend to do other things as well, while golf bag manufacturing companies wholly focus on golf bags and nothing else. JCR, Inc. falls into that latter category, putting all of its collective energy …