Nike Releases Air Jordan 13 Golf Shoe

Nike Releases New Air Jordan 13 Golf Shoe

Justin B. Apparel Comments

In the land of shoes, nothing really comes close to the Air Jordans.  Like the player who their name represents, they are the king of the shoe industry, with stars from all walks of life wearing the J’s.  And now the Jordan brand is heading to the golf course. The AJ 13’s will have a direct correlation to the same …


Carnoustie Sportswear Golf Apparel Review

Kris McEwen Apparel Comments

I have previously confessed my golf attire obsession and slightly unrealistic golf attire expectations. You wouldn’t catch me dead in some run of the mill polo out on the golf course.  And if a golf shirt doesn’t come with magic wicking technology, keep it the hell away from me. Finally, and really, most importantly, it has to look damn good. With …


Antigua Golf Apparel Review

Kris McEwen Apparel Comments

When it comes to golf shirts, I can be a bit…particular.  Despite the amount of golf I play, I only own five shirts, and most of the time you’ll see me in one of a just three of them. I also would never wear a golf shirt anywhere but on the golf course.  That is until I was introduced to …


Bobby Jones 2016 Spring Collection Review

Tim Cotroneo Apparel Comments

If it’s been awhile since you’ve received a compliment on your golfing attire, you’d be wise to invest in the new Bobby Jones Collection.  Like the golfer it’s named after, Bobby Jones apparel speaks to classic good looks, a comfortably athletic fit, and a style that endures beyond the golf season. If you’ve never ordered clothing online before, the …

Carnoustie Golf Apparel Hands-On Review

Carnoustie Golf Apparel Hands-On Review

Evan Kander Apparel Comments

If you’re driving through Chicago in February and happen to see someone playing golf, you’re probably hallucinating; pull your car over before you hurt someone.  On the off chance that you’re not out of your mind, then you just found a stone-cold (very cold) lunatic.  Don’t worry, I’ve been called worse. This week, I received a couple apparel samples from …

Wocket Golf Apparel

The Wocket Golf Pants Review

Michael F Apparel Comments

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing some fun, trendy, fashionable, and interesting golf apparel over the years, but I have never come across a pair of golf pants or shorts with a built in towel in the rear pocket.  That was until I got my hands on the Wocket™. Wocket™ Performance Apparel is about to launch a massive Kickstarter campaign for …