Walking on Clouds with the TRUE linkswear Outsiders

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I still remember my first pair of golf shoes because I still have scars from all the blisters. Fortunately, golf shoe manufactures have really made drastic improvements with the overall quality of their products.  And while the mainstream brands make great stuff, something is still missing…  Absolute Comfort. I’m talking “playing barefoot on well-manicured fairways and soft greens” level of …


Meet Swannies: Cool Gear, Great People, and Awesome Parties

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There’s something quietly happening in the somewhat niche market that is golf apparel. It’s starting to get a lot cooler. Not, it’s a little chilly, cool. A stylish cool. For so long golfers have been limited in their selection of hats and shirts. Sure, Puma has pushed the envelope a bit with the emergence of Rickie Fowler, but otherwise, it’s been …

Road to the Bay Hill Pro-Am: 7 Days to Go (Wardrobe Selection)

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As I said before, ‘it’s the Arnold Palmer Invitational’ and most of the greatest names in the game will be there. With that being said, I’d like to look the part both on and off the course next week. With such an awesome itinerary of dinners, cocktail parties, golf clinics, and the Pro-Am, I need to make sure my outfits …

PXG Gloves 60

PXG’s Golf Glove Price Will Make Your Head Spin

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Either PXG is starting to feel the heat from all the lawyers’ fees they’re racking up with the TaylorMade lawsuit or they’re going all in on the “1% golfer” market.  I mean, very few people have questioned how good the PXG 0311 series irons are, largely because of PXG’s proprietary thermo plastic elastomer (TPE) material that is injected into the clubhead, but …