The Short Game with Sam Adams

Golficity Academy

For this course we are proud to present special guest instructor, and PGA of America member, Sam Adams. In this course Sam will teach you: “Sam’s Way,” a unique culmination of 30 years of golf instruction at all levels. Proper chip shot setup and execution. How, when, and where to play the pitch shot. And much more. Click on the …

Putting Fundamentals

Golficity Academy

Putting is arguably the most important part of your golf game, in fact, it’s a simple fact on average up to 60% of your strokes occur on the putting green. So if this is true, then why to do many of us spend so little time working to improve in this key area? The reality is that improving your putting …

Golf Fitness Essentials

Golficity Academy

Are you ready to get serious about your health…and your golf game? Once upon a time, golfers didn’t worry about their fitness – at all. Golf wasn’t considered an athletic sport, and golfers would restrict their preparation to working on their swings and putting strokes. Times have changed, and you should too. In this course you will learn: How a …

Swing Fundamentals

Frank Academy

Every player’s swing is different but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t a few key fundamentals upon which all good golf swings rely. In this course you will learn: The four building blocks of a good swing: Grip Stance Alignment Tempo How to fit each of these fundamentals to your unique swing. How to put it all together and start …

Effective Practice Techniques

Golficity Academy

Are you frustrated because you feel like you’re constantly practicing but your golf game just doesn’t seem to get any better? A very common problem with amateur golfers is that although they may be practicing, they’re not practicing effectively. In this course you will learn: How to approach your practice sessions with a targeted and focused methodology. How to effectively …

Intro to the Golficity Academy

Golficity Academy

In this intro course we will teach you how to get the most out of the Golficity Golf Academy. In this course you will learn: How to navigate and complete the courses include in the academy. How to get the most out of the Golficity Clubhouse. How to earn new ranks and move up the member leaderboard. And more. Click on …

Mental Game Basics

Golficity Academy

In this course you will begin to learn the basic fundamentals of developing, cultivating, and strengthening your mental golf game. Follow through each of the lessons and assignments below to being setting a foundation for a strong and unwavering mental game. Click on the first lesson below to get started.