Are Annual Golf Passes Worth The Cost

Are Annual Golf Passes Worth The Cost?

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I’ve always dreamt of being a country club member – picturing an oak lined smoking room, crystal sparkling dining areas, mahogany lockers in the changing rooms, and a plush course with all day playing privileges. Unfortunately, I don’t have the finances, time, nor connections for this dream to materialize, but I’ve found a way to get close through purchasing a …

Anguilla Golf Cuisinart Golf Resort

Anguilla Golf – 18 Holes, 33 Beaches, and 1 Shark

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In an era that focuses on “bigger is better,” leave it to Greg Norman to accomplish some of his best work on an oasis just 16 miles long.  In 2006, the object of The Shark’s attention was the tiny Caribbean island of Anguilla.  The Australian golf legend believed Anguilla’s 33 remarkable beaches would be the perfect complement to a golf …


The Local Course

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I’m all for a great deal when it comes to golf. Although I could easily justify spending big money on a memorable round of golf, I’m not sure my wife would see the value of those memories when it hits our bank account. I guess I also have a newbie complex when it comes to being on the stage of …

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US Women’s Open – The Challenge of CordeValle

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The US Women’s Open will test every aspect of the players’ games. That’s the way it is with major championships. Like Pinehurst #2 in 2014 and Lancaster Country Club in 2015, CordeValle will demand the players’ best this year and punish anything less than excellence. Tucked into the foothills of the Santa Cruz Mountains, midway between Pebble Beach and San …