How to Know if Your Golf Game is Ready for a Switch to Forged Irons

How to Know if Your Golf Game is Ready for a Switch to Forged Irons

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Picking the right equipment for your game is an important step along the path to lower scores. Good equipment isn’t going to make this game easy – nothing makes this game easy – but it can help you to make progress toward reaching your goals. One of the most important topics in the golf equipment world is the set of …


Golf Club Selection and Dialing In Your Elevation Changes

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Changing elevation is one of the biggest challenges you will face on the golf course. Sure, hazards like big ponds and deep bunkers are daunting, but something as simple as an approach shot played to a green well above the level of the fairway can be just as tough. When you have to deal with elevation change, you will need …

The Smart Way to Play Up Over and Around Golf Obstacles

The Smart Way to Play Up, Over, and Around Obstacles

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Most golf courses contain obstacles, that little bit of info should come as no surprise to anyone.  While they are frustrating if you get stuck behind one during your round, they also serve to make the game more interesting—a course that is laid out over flat, open ground with absolutely nothing between you and the hole would get rather boring. …