Play Your Percentages for Better Short Game Success

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Learning to score in golf, is often about playing the percentages.  When it comes to learning to do that, there’s an old adage that I’ve been using to start just about every beginning short game clinic I’ve given over the past quarter century: “Putt when you can, chip if you can’t putt, and pitch only if you have to.” In …

Stick it Stone Dead in Golf

Stick it Stone Dead

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The object of golf is to get a little white ball into a little white hole in as few strokes as possible.  Given that fact, common sense should dictate that the closer you get to the hole on any given shot, the better your odds are of making that shot, or at least getting it close enough to make the …

How to Shoot in the 90s or Better Consistently

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Over the last few years golf technology has also grown by leaps and bounds. Too many pros depend totally on video analysis, side by side swing comparisons to a tour player, etc.  Improved club designs, larger and more accurate drivers, hybrids, and hybrid irons have seemingly made the game easier to play.  Unfortunately, the average score for the average golfer …