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The Art of Doing Business on the Golf Course

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Golf isn’t just a leisurely sport that you and your buddies get all liquored up on a weekend to play.  Doing business on the golf course is a staple of the modern business world.  Whether it’s your boss, current/prospective client, or future employer, use these tips to get the deal done on the course. Pick the Proper Venue Whether you’re playing …

Golf Wedding

Tips for Playing Golf with Your Significant Other

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Playing golf with your significant other can be a very rewarding, but also often challenging, endeavor.  Whether your spouse, boyfriend, or girlfriend is already a seasoned golfer or even if they’ve never held a club, here are a few tips to make playing golf together a fun and fulfilling experience. 1.) Don’t be Overly Competitive A little friendly competition and …

Golf Etiquette: Ten Unwritten Rules to Follow

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When playing a friendly round of golf with your buddies the more highly technical rules of golf may not matter much to you.  For example, may golfers may take mulligans, give free drops, or alter the rules in some other way that keeps the round friendly, relaxed, and non-competitive. However, there are a few unwritten rules of golf that player …