Using Baseball Swing Habits to Improve Your Golf Swing

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Have you ever had your playing partner ask “did you play baseball?” after witnessing your golf swing? The fact is, whether it’s a few early years in Little League, or playing for your High School Varsity team, baseball has been a part of many of our lives in one way or another. It’s also quite true that most ex-baseball players …

Golf Pre-Shot Routine - Golficity

The Importance of the Pre-Shot Routine

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Ever notice how the pros seem to set up every shot with the same exact routine?  Whether it’s Jason Dufner’s club waggle or Keegan Bradley’s “foot-step,” you’ll quickly notice that while no two players’ pre-shot routines are the same, all the best players have one.  That’s because they realize the importance a pre-shot routine plays in setting the pace for …

Learning How to Stay Centered in Your Golf Swing

Learning How to Stay Centered in Your Golf Swing

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Golfers often have the wrong idea of how an effective swing works.  For example, students frequently tell me, “I am trying to shift my weight in the backswing.”  This is good if you want to hit behind the ball, top the ball, slice the ball or pull the ball.  I hope you can sense my sarcasm. For better contact, more …

Golf Weight Transfer

Weight Transfer – The Key to Excellence in Any Sport

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There are three fundamentals in golf: they have to do with your feet, your hands, and your head.  The feet control your weight transfer, the key to excellence in any sport; your hands control the club face through your grip; and your head anchors the swing for consistency.  When we understand how these fundamentals form the very core of the …

Lower Your Ball Flight - Steps 3 - 5

Lower Your Ball Flight to Beat the Breeze

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With the ever changing climate we live in and the seemingly everlasting stiff breeze that blows across the links, the ability to be able to control the trajectory of your golf ball is a huge advantage to have in your locker. I’ve seen people try many different methods in an attempt to lower the trajectory of their shots yet they …

Golf Tips How to Fix Your Slice - Golficity

Simple Corrections to Stop Slicing The Ball

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We’ve all been there – the dreaded slice shot that starts off the tee going straight before violently slicing onto the next fairway or in someone’s backyard…. You replay the swing over and over in your mind and feel like you’ve done everything the same on tee but for some reason the ball slices sharply wreaking havoc on your score …

Understanding Impact Position - Golf Tips

Understanding Impact Position

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I hope everyone is having a great summer.  For me, this is a busy time with junior golf camps, junior golf tournaments and many golf lessons.  One of the most popular topics is the Impact Position.  People are always striving to hit the ball further, straighter and more consistent.  Understanding the position of impact can dramatically improve your efforts. The …

6 Ways to Knock 10 Strokes Off Your Game

6 Ways To Knock 10 Strokes Off Your Golf Game

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When you watch someone playing golf on the TV they make it look so easy. How can they hit a ball so far and decide where it’s going to land? That must take an extraordinary amount of skill to achieve and I guess it’s why they are professionals. Even though you might not have dreams of following in their footsteps …

How different golf formats work - Golficity

How Different Golf Formats Work

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During the golf season we often find ourselves attending a few charitable, client, or “just for fun” outings.  In addition to the usual outing instructions (what holes are closest to the pin and which are longest drive), the outing’s format is always also stated. There are quite a few different variations of tournament formats (some with quite funny names) which can be …