Tiger Woods Yacht New York US Open

Tiger Rolling up to the US Open in a Yacht is the Ultimate Power Move

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Look out New York, Tiger Woods just sailed into town. Literally. ‘Tiger-watch’ radars were pinging today as Woods docked his $20-million-dollar, 155-foot yacht off the tip of Montauk Tuesday afternoon.  Rumor has it, this bad boy contains a theater, gym, and jacuzzi.  Some call this a power-move by the big cat; showing the young guns that perhaps the greatest of all-time …


Fearless Crane Escorts Alligator Across Golf Course

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Alligators on the golf course are almost a common occurrence in the southeastern part of the United States. But what happened in Florida this week was far from normal. Although they’re notorious for scaring the pants off golfers there’s one animal that hasn’t been afraid to step up to the gators. And its not another ferocious animal either, it’s a …


Golfer Gets Laid Out by Angry Goose

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We have all seen stories of animals attacking players on the golf course, usually being a deer or alligator depending on the location. But this past weekend, a far less intimating animal decided to show its wrath. Last weekend, the Madison Tournament, a high school event  at Wolf Creek Golf Course in Adrian, Michigan was held for the youth of …

Masters Tuesday Social Media Round Up

Tuesday Social Media Roundup from The Masters

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It’s tough to get any work done when it’s Masters week.  The continuous coverage of range sessions and media interviews on Golf Channel is the perfect fix to get through the work week.  Tuesday at Augusta is one of favored days by the pros.  Big things usually happen and players put in their final prep before Thursday tee off. In …


This Augusta Lawn Mower Ballet is Oddly Mesmerizing

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It’s doesn’t take much anymore to get me excited for The Masters.  Other than the Super Bowl, it’s probably the most watched sporting event of the year and when Tiger Woods is in the field, it gets 10x better. The Masters, Tiger Woods victorious, putting on green blazer with… The Masters, Tiger Woods victorious, putting on green blazer with Phil …

Our Experience Playing in a Pro-Am at the Arnold Palmer Invitational

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For those who know me best, I’ve always wanted to play in a Pro-Am. I always imagined it to be a dream come true to play inside the ropes with the best players in the world. The experience was easily in the top three on my bucket list and now, I can cross it off my list. Here’s how it …