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Over the Top From the Inside, A Simple Swing Thought

Kris McEwen Golf Instruction, Mental Game Leave a Comment

“Pull down on the handle of the club.”

“Hold the angle of your wrists.”

“You’re swinging over the top.”

“Swing from the inside.”

I could go on, but you get the point. These are all things we’ve heard, seen, and been taught over the years. We’ve heard it from our local pro, from the resident family or friend golf instructor, and from those on television.

News flash: We are not Dustin Johnson.

We’re not even Roy McAvoy.

Rather than trying to do what the professionals do, or what we think the pros do, why don’t we just try to do what we can do?

In other words, stop trying to do all those things you’ve been trying to do. No more “pulling”, no more “holding angles”.

Watch this instead:

“Over the top from the inside.”

So simple, yet makes so much sense.

Here is a bit more from Mike Malaska about the concept.

With that single thought or motion, everything else tends to fall into place. Lag comes naturally and the club face naturally squares itself.

Next time you’re at the range, give yourself a chance to play around with this idea. Especially if you’re struggling with “holding the angle” or “pulling down on the handle of the club”.

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