Here’s Why Keeping the Golf Ball in Play Should be Your Top Priority (and How to Do It)

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It’s easy to think of golf as a complicated game. And to some degree, it is. After all, there are plenty of rules to follow, and the golf swing itself is incredibly complex. Many golfers have allowed themselves to get overwhelmed by the many things that can be thought about while on the course, and those players wind up falling …


Golf Podcast 215: Score Better By Eliminating Your Biggest Mistakes

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It might come as a surprise but scoring well in the game of golf is far more determined by your bad shots than your good shots.  This is a concept that is often overlooked by many amateur golfers, causing them to focus too much on trying to hit “great shots” rather than working on reducing their “big misses.” In this …


Playing a New Golf Course? Here’s How to Play it Well

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Discount golf services such as GolfNow and offer the ability to play courses you might not have known about or played before. Or, maybe your buddy has just joined a country club and invited you to play a round with him. Or, you’re a ringer and your “teammates,” – you know, the guys you just met in the parking …


Golf Podcast 158: Playing Within Yourself for a More Consistent Game

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You might have heard the phrase “play within yourself” but what does that mean exactly?  The truth is that it all boils down to playing to your strengths while avoiding your weaknesses. In this episode of The Golf Podcast hosts Frank & Mike will teach you a few ways to stay disciplined and stick to the strong aspects of your golf …

Learning to Play Within Yourself for a More Consistent Golf Game

Learning to Play Within Yourself for a More Consistent Golf Game

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At some point during your golf experience, you have probably heard that you need to ‘play within yourself’.  That sounds like it might be good advice, but what does it mean exactly? How do you know when you are playing within yourself, and how do you make sure you stay on that path? In this article, we are going to …