Keep a Steady Base with this Simple “Book Shelf” Putting Drill

Nick Hagen Golf Instruction, Putting Comments

Go to any YouTube video where there’s Tour pro practice or tournament footage involved, and there’s sure to be a steady person.  For all the Tour pros I’ve watched putt live or on video, it seems they all have a couple things they do well: keep a steady head and keep a steady base. Just like most golfers, I’m always …


Swimming Pool Practice Can Be Magic for Your Golf Game

James Potter Golf Instruction, Training & Fitness Comments

Believe it or not, practicing your golf swing in a swimming pool—along with other pertinent exercises—is one of the best things you can do for your golf game, flexibility and healthy life in general. I naturally developed a medium-height, medium-strength fade with my left-handed swing.  It was always hard for me to understand why I would maintain this ball flight …

Smylie Kaufman Step Drill for a Better Downswing

Steal Smylie Kaufman’s Step Drill for a Better Downswing

Frank Golf Instruction, Training Aids & Drills Comments

Having trouble moving your hips and lower body through the ball?  Well don’t worry, because you’re not alone. Even PGA TOUR rookie sensation Smylie Kaufman struggles from time to time with activating his lower body through his downswing. In this video Smylie shows off his simple, yet highly effective drill for getting his downswing sequence started off with his lower …