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Golf Podcast 048: Shot Shaping Basics – Hitting Draws, Fades, and More

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With the proper instruction, the ability to hit draws, fades, and other “shaped” shots is attainable for golfers of just about every skill level. In this episode of The Golf Podcast we’ll show you how to get the ball to follow your desired flight path by making a few simple changes to your alignment. Later in the show we’ll also …

Simple DIY Weight Change You Can Make to Your Golf Clubs

A Simple Change You Can Make To Your Clubs That Can Drastically Change How Well You Hit Them

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This article is all about feel. When you can feel where the club head is you improve your chances of hitting a good shot dramatically and clubs have gotten lighter and longer over time. Tour players have an exceptional ability to feel the club and where it is in the swing. Higher handicappers seem to have less feel. I first …

The Importance of Hitting Greens in Regulation

The Importance of Hitting Greens in Regulation

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As amateur golfers, our primary focus is usually to simply drop as many balls into that little white hole in as few strokes as possible. While true, focusing on this single goal often leads to overlooking smaller, and often equally important strategies to scoring, thus causing us to leave strokes out on the course. A better method of thinking involves …

Fairmont Banff Springs Devil's Cauldron

Canadian Mountain Tracks an Unforgettable Experience

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If it’s good enough for Derek Jeter as a parting gift from the Toronto Blue Jays to say farewell after his remarkable MLB career with the New York Yankees, then a trip to Banff, Alberta, Canada to play the Fairmont Banff Springs course is certainly good enough for you and me. But wait, we’re going to do the Blue Jays …

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Golf Podcast 046: Golf State of Mind’s David MacKenzie

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Struggling with an inconsistent or unfocused golf game? Perhaps your mindset needs a tune up! In this episode of The Golf Podcast we speak with David MacKenzie, golf coach and founder of the Golf State of Mind mental golf game training program. In this Show You Will Learn: A simple process you can use to start cultivating your mental golf …

The World's Longest Driver

The World’s Longest Driver

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We recently came across this little gem on Gizmodo’s new blog SPLOID and just had to share. Denmark golfer Karsten Maas recently set a Guiness World Record swinging this 14′ 5″ long beast. Gotta love that “wind-down” technique on the follow through! Oh, and if he hits it in a hazard he still gets two club lengths…