Five Places You Should Never Skimp on Golf Equipment

Five Places You Should Never Skimp on Golf Equipment

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Here’s an understatement: we all love to save money.

Whether it is on our golf games, or in any other area of life, saving money is always a good thing. Along those same lines it’s a given that you should try your best to save money where you can as it relates to golf. The game is expensive enough already, you don’t need to make it any more costly by spending more cash than you need to.

But don’t go all “Crazy Eddie” (remember him?) on your entire golf budget just yet.

In fact, there are a few pieces of golf equipment that simply shouldn’t be skimped on. While you could save a few bucks upfront by going the cheap route on these items, you will inevitably pay for it in the long run.

Sure you might cringe while the cashier runs your credit card for the five pieces of golf equipment below, but your money will be well spent, and the amount of time, and aggravation you save in the long run is worth laying out a little extra dough upfront.

#5 – Golf Bag

When you have a good quality golf bag hanging off your shoulders – or riding on your cart – you hardly notice it at all. However, when you have a cheap bag, you are constantly reminded of why you should have spent a few extra dollars. The zippers get stuck, there are holes in the fabric, and your clubs are a nightmare to pull in and out before each shot. A high-end golf bag can cost well over $100, but you will be rewarded with a piece of equipment that should last for several seasons of reliable service.

#4 – Golf Gloves

Think about it – your hands are the only point on your body where the club is actually connected to you, so shouldn’t that connection be secure?

It won’t matter how much you spent on your golf clubs if you can’t keep a good grip on the club through impact. Quality golf gloves enable you to maintain a secure grip without having to squeeze the life out of the club.

It’s also very important to make sure you’re using a golf glove that fits properly. A glove that is too loose or too tight will not only feel uncomfortable, it will also hinder your performance by adversely effecting your grip. So instead of ordering the cheapest glove you can find online, we suggest stopping into your local pro shop and having someone assist you with finding a proper fit. A few minutes and a couple extra bucks spend in this department will be well worth it in the long run.

#3 – Your Driver

It’s okay to admit – the driver is your favorite club in the bag. Making a putt for birdie is fun, but there is nothing like the feeling of launching a long drive right down the middle of the fairway. Paying for a quality driver from one of the top manufacturers should provide you with both better performance and more durability as the rounds start to add up.

Additionally, the better manufacturers almost always stand behind their products and most will repair or replace damages that come from anything short of abuse. This little added benefit can save you more than you might think in the long run. After all, would you rather buy a new “junk” driver every other season or purchase something of higher quality that will last you for years to come? We think you’ll agree with choosing the latter.

#2 – Golf Shoes

This one goes right along with the same logic that applies to your golf gloves. Your shoes connect your feet to the ground, and you want to maintain solid traction no matter how hard you swing. Also, since a round of golf can take five hours or more to complete on a busy weekend morning, you want to make sure your feet are comfortable and dry from the first tee to the 18th green. The reason this is so important is also because being uncomfortable means you’re not fully able to concentrate and we all know what a lack of concentration can do to your golf game.

Simply put, if you skimp on your golf shoes your feet will remind you of your bad decision every step of the way (pun intended).

#1 – Golf Balls

This might be the most-popular place to skimp for the average amateur golfer – but that is a mistake you should avoid making. That doesn’t mean that you have to play the most-expensive ‘tour’ ball on the shelf, but don’t reach for the used ball bin, either. Find a golf ball that suits your game, and don’t just limit yourself to the most well-known manufacturers. There are a number of new small golf ball manufacturers out there who are creating excellent products at reasonable prices (see our reviews for 3 Up Golf, I Need the Ball, and Lightning Golf). Even more importantly, these “mom & pop” ball manufacturers usually provide unbelievably personalized customer service and support (something you’ll rarely get out of the big brands).

Regardless of which brand you choose it’s important to realize that all of the effort that you put into improving your swing can be wasted when you strike a cheap golf ball, so make the investment in the right ball to elevate your game.

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Have you ever skimped on golf equipment and regretted it later? If so, let us know about your own “lessons learned” by leaving us a comment below.

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I agree with all of the above, but you left out one of the MOST important – putter. It’s ridiculous how many times I’ve seen people spend $300.00 on a driver and $19.95 on a putter.


Excellent point Sam.