No Surprise Tiger Woods Made the List of Richest Celebs in 2018

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Tiger may not have taken home the big $9 million prize in last month’s highly publicized match versus Phil Mickelson, but that didn’t stop him from making Forbes list of America’s 10 wealthiest celebrities. And there’s no denying 2018 was a big year for Woods. After all, who can forget that moment when the crowds followed Tiger up the 18th …


Ever Wonder How Much a PGA TOUR Pro Makes to Wear All Those Logos?

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Brace yourself, because there are some big numbers ahead… But before we get into the dollars and cents, here’s a little background on where the data comes from: Recently spoke with a top sports agent, who spoke anonymously about the kind of money a PGA TOUR pro makes off of endorsement deals.  Specifically, the player profile outlined in the …

The Amount of Money These Golfers Earn Per Shot is Mind Blowing

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We are constantly reminded while watching golf how much the top earners make on Tour. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve heard a broadcaster reference “The Money List”, especially as it gets later in the year. To put it mildly, the best golfers in the world make a lot of money. And that doesn’t even take into account their …


The Teachings Of a Psychopath – A Golf Hustler’s Playbook

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It didn’t take long to realize something was off with the guy. With an amorphous personality that rivaled his otherworldly shot-shaping abilities, he personified the emotional sequence of stepping onto the hole of your dreams for the first time, followed by the type of tee shot that makes you vow to quit the game—for real this time. His chemical imbalances …

2014 PGA TOUR Top Money Earners List

Who Got the Most Coin – 2014 PGA TOUR Top Money Earners List

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While some of the names have changed spots from last year’s list, we still find the same old faces on our coveted list of the PGA TOUR’s Top Money Earners List, with significant earnings coming from both on and off the course.  It’s amazing how this game works: make top ten’s, win tournaments, and the endorsements and checks will fall into …