No Surprise Tiger Woods Made the List of Richest Celebs in 2018

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Tiger may not have taken home the big $9 million prize in last month’s highly publicized match versus Phil Mickelson, but that didn’t stop him from making Forbes list of America’s 10 wealthiest celebrities.

And there’s no denying 2018 was a big year for Woods. After all, who can forget that moment when the crowds followed Tiger up the 18th fairway on his way to his TOUR Championship win.

Watching that clip STILL gives me chills.

That’s right, 2018 will forever go down as the year Tiger finally completed his much anticipated comeback. And although he’s had his ups and downs over the past decade, Woods still remains one of the world’s richest celebrities.

Here’s the whole list from Forbes for those of you keeping score:

America’s Wealthiest Celebrities 2018

  • 1. George Lucas – Net worth: $5.4 billion
  • 2. Steven Spielberg – $3.7 billion
  • 3. Oprah Winfrey – $2.8 billion
  • 4. Michael Jordan – $1.7 billion
  • 5. (tie) Kylie Jenner – $900 million
  • 5. (tie) Jay-Z – $900 million
  • 7. David Copperfield – $875 million
  • 8. Diddy – $825 million
  • 9. (tie) Tiger Woods – $800 million
  • 9. (tie) James Patterson – $800 million

Not a bad little lump of money for a guy who once had to pay his ex-wife a $100 million settlement

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