Enhance Your Golf Swing with Crossover Symmetry

Enhance Your Shoulders & Swing with Crossover Symmetry

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While playing high school and college baseball, I remember my coaches treating overhead shoulder exercises like the black plague. Everyone lived in a constant state of fear that at any moment an overhead dumbbell press, either because of too much weight or poor form, could ruin your shoulder and sideline you for the season.  And while I no longer play baseball, …

Google Secrets for Golfers

Google Secrets for Golfers

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Over the past two decades, Google has gone from a search engine to a technology titan who provides everything from maps with satellite photos and street views to cloud storage.  Unfortunately, most golfers have limited their Google usage to searching a course, an online tee time site, and (maybe) directions.  While that’s great, here are two Google features that golfers …

Golf Training

In vs. Off-Season Golf Training and Periodization

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Note: This is a fitness article.  Before working out, assess your physical fitness, consult a doctor, strength coach and/or golf instructor, and do not continue working out if you experience any pain. Now that the off-season has arrived here in the Northeast, I thought this would be a timely post since this is probably the first off-season that I’ll be …