Is the GolfLogix App with Putt Breaks Any Good?

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If you were to ask ten different golfers which score tracking/GPS golf app they use on the golf course, it’s quite possible you could get ten different answers. Everyone has their favorite even though most essentially do the same thing. Yardage, scoring, and stats. Because of that, a sort of technological arms race has begun among the app developers. Some …

Putter Tech

Look Out for Lots of New Putter Tech & Simulators in 2018

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So the PGA Show recently wrapped up in Orlando, and while it’s still way too early to name anything a “best product,”  there’s some putter-focused stuff worth highlighting. New Putters Odyssey, Scotty Cameron, and TaylorMade all hit the ground running and debuted some new putters during the PGA Show Demo Day. Scotty Cameron’s release consisted of various blades and mallets that …