Is the GolfLogix App with Putt Breaks Any Good?

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If you were to ask ten different golfers which score tracking/GPS golf app they use on the golf course, it’s quite possible you could get ten different answers.

Everyone has their favorite even though most essentially do the same thing. Yardage, scoring, and stats.

Because of that, a sort of technological arms race has begun among the app developers. Some have gone the route of social interaction, some have tried to improve shot tracking or statistic tracking, and others have tried a combination of the two.

GolfLogix had decided to go in a different, and quite impressive, direction.

They have decided to add 3-D green mapping called “Putt Breaks” to their app.

Through the magic of an augmented reality engine you can now see the contours of roughly 35,000 golf courses.

With a quick touch on the green on your phone, the app automatically places you virtually wherever you’re physically standing on the green. From there you can drag your line from your ball to the hole and it will zoom in to show you where the breaks are on the green.

Now, the one caveat to the process of mapping your line from ball to pin is you need to have some ability to estimate the location of each on the green and the footage between the two. The other aspect I had to somewhat get used to was bringing my phone with me to the green. A relatively easy adjustment.

That being said, it’s a pretty intuitive feature and from what I’ve experienced thus far, very accurate.

A golf Twitter pal of mine also asked a good question regarding how using “Putt Breaks” affected pace of play. He was a bit concerned it would slow down the round.

But what I’ve found is it can have the opposite affect on pace. Rather than walking the green and crouching to find the different contours of the green, I’d basically crouch directly behind the ball and draw my line on the app’s virtual green. From there I can immediately see the breaks in the green in the form of pretty, little white arrows. There are also those times when any kind of green reading aid isn’t necessary at all.

One other advantage the “Putt Breaks” functionality has is when thinking through your approach shots. How many times have you been playing a round of golf, especially on an unfamiliar course, and you think you’ve hit a good shot into the green only to find out you’ve found yourself with a double-breaking putt? “Putt Breaks” allows you to see the contours of the green while thinking through your approach shot and make a more informed decision.

Overall, it’s essentially like having a digital yardage and green book in your pocket for 35,000 golf courses.

As for the rest of the features and functionality of the app, GolfLogix has done a good job keeping it simple, while still providing for more complexity and detail should you want it.

The course mapping allows for dragging to specific yardage or, if you’ve loaded your club yardage into the app, will give you a quick visual of club options.

The score recording process is straight-forward. Tap the pencil icon and quickly hit your score, number of putts, and tee shot. If that’s enough for you, you can move on to the next hole. If you want to record more detailed statistics such as penalties, pitches, chips, and missed putts (long, short, left or right), you can do that under “See More Stats.”

The app also offers their own version of manual shot tracking that involves adding a club, marking where you hit it, then adding another club and doing it again. Not the most efficient process in the world, but it’s there for you if you want it.

Finally, from a battery-draining perspective, I didn’t experience anything out of the ordinary. I had plenty of juice to use the app, play a little music, and take some pictures and video of the round.

Overall, I like the simplicity and ease of the interface and scoring that GolfLogix provides. And I’ve found the “Putt Breaks” feature valuable from both the fairway and on the green.

Plus, if you want to give it a shot yourself, GolfLogix will give you 30 days to try it out the fully-featured version of the app for free.

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