Is the Wosports W600 Rangefinder Too Good to Be True?

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When I was asked to test the Wosports W600 Rangefinder, my first question may have been the same as yours. “What’s “Wosports”? Maybe I’ve been living under a rock, but I had no who they were or what they made. Turns out, Wosports makes all kinds of “outdoorsy” type of equipment, from different hunting and golf rangefinders to trail cameras …


Is the GolfLogix App with Putt Breaks Any Good?

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If you were to ask ten different golfers which score tracking/GPS golf app they use on the golf course, it’s quite possible you could get ten different answers. Everyone has their favorite even though most essentially do the same thing. Yardage, scoring, and stats. Because of that, a sort of technological arms race has begun among the app developers. Some …


Bridgestone Golf Releases Next Generation of JGR Line

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Bridgestone has released their next generation of JGR clubs including a new driver, fairway woods, hybrids, and two different lines of irons, the HF1 and HF2. I also had the chance to speak with Bridgestone’s Club Marketing Manager, Zach Kupperbusch about the new line of equipment. The first thing I asked Zach was what the mindset and goal of the …


McEwen Reviews It: The Shot Scope V2

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A little over a year ago I wrote about the original Shot Scope V1. The shot tracker that tracked shots without “tagging” prior to a shot. The shot tracker that allowed you to accurately mark the pin placement on each green while you played. The shot tracker that, in turn, provided a player with a plethora of data and game …


Precision Pro NX7 Rangefinders Stand-Up to the Big Boys

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When it comes to rangefinders, we all know the big players. And we also know the big prices that go along with the big players. There have been a few other manufacturers that have tried to get into the pin-seeking game, but they either couldn’t stick around or they’re product was inexpensive but inferior. Enter Precision Pro and their new …


Try Before You Buy with Global Golf’s U-Try Program

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Regardless of whether you’re playing a 10-year-old TaylorMade Burner Driver or last year’s Epic Fairway Wood, avid golfers are always interested in trying (and perhaps buying) the newest drivers, fairway woods, and/or hybrids from the mainstream manufacturers. But the biggest drawback with buying a new metalwood, especially since most come with a $500+ price tag, is that you rarely, if ever, …