Tiger Vision Brought to Life with Golf Scope

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The world we live in now is constantly changing. New technology is getting developed daily that pushes the world forward.

It wasn’t all that long ago that Social Media sites where first created and now they are part of our daily routine.

With the development of new technology comes opportunity. One company saw an opportunity to expand on the new world of augmented reality and translate that technology into something that I’m confident every single weekend warrior eventually won’t be able to do without.

This first of its kind App is known as the Golf Scope by Golf Scope INC.

What is Golf Scope?

This revolutionary app uses the camera on your iPhone (currently not available for Android) to read the greens, and yes it actually works.

I don’t know how it works from a technological stand point I just know that the App is easy to use.  After I downloaded the app I took it to the driving range near my office for a quick demo on my lunch break. I had watched the tutorial that’s built into the app and I was ready to get hands on with my real life tiger vision.

Even if I skipped watching the in app tutorial it wouldn’t matter. Each time you go to read a putt it tells you exactly what to do and when to do it.

Because this is something that is brand new to golf I got a ton of stares from the other golfers around me as I walked to my ball with my phone, then walked to the hole and eventually made my way back to my ball.

I’m sure they thought I was doing something for Instagram or Facebook but when I would line my putt up to the designated aim point and repeatedly make putts from any distance or leave them inside 2 feet you could see the wheels turning in their heads.

How to Use It

Using the app is ridiculously simple and it’s all done within the app by utilizing the camera on the iPhone.

  • Step 1: Take a panoramic shot of the green.
  • Step 2: When prompted locate your ball. There is actually a little circle that you aim over your ball to help the app recognize your ball. Stand over the top of the ball. When prompted “ is this your ball?” appears select yes ( again all within the app, just a tap).
  • Step 3: When prompted again walk at a normal pace towards the hole pointing the camera down to the ground. Stand over the hole like you do for the ball. When the app asks “ is this the hole?” Select yes.

The “Wow” Moment

This is when the magic happens. Like we’ve seen in popular video games the putting line appears on your phone in real time!

Walk around the hole to the left, to the right the line stays there no matter the angle. You’ll even see an arrow pointing to the exact aim point for your putt!

Not only that but it will tell you the distance of the putt and the exact distance to aim. It could be two inches left or three feet right.

I don’t know how it works, it’s just mind -lowing to see. In my first 15 minutes of using the app I had figured out how it works and I didn’t have one single three putt on the putting green.

Think about being able to cut 18 strokes off your handicap all because of an app! I even got cocky enough to try a 65 footer before I went back to the office.

Again the app did not disappoint. It read the break, gave the aim point and I hit the putt like I was a +4 handicap getting ready to make the tour. 

It hit the hole and bounced out all while about 23 juniors where getting ready for their lesson behind me. Tapped in and went back to work.

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Competition Testing

With all this excitement on the practice green I took this cheat code to a local scramble the next day. This event was as laid back as it gets so it was a great opportunity to try it out.

I mentioned it to our playing partners but I waited until the third hole to break it out. It would give us the reads but here is the one thing the app doesn’t do for you. It doesn’t hit the ball.

Standing behind my partners I’d watch their putts. From contact we where all consistently off line. The long putts weren’t falling like I’d hoped but they got us inside 3 feet.

We finished the round at -1. Should have been better but all the app does is give you a read.

The Little Things I Like

The app has a ton of great features beyond reading greens. After each putt there is an analytic screen shot taken of the hole.

How many putts, did the read work, distance of the putt, make percentages and so on not to mention a built in stimp meter to get those speeds just right.

Data is the name of the game. We can all write down putts taken on our score card but that doesn’t give us all the data to improve.

What Needs Work

The first of two criticisms I have with this app has to do with the record button when taking putts. I’m not sure if this was a user error on my part of a glitch with the app but it didn’t seem to work.

I used this during my scramble mentioned earlier and when the round was over I went back to review the videos and I couldn’t find them. I didn’t see a tab for my videos so I opened up my photo album on my phone.  Again they where not there. This was disappointing to me because I wanted to verifying if we truly missed the mark on the putts or if it was due to a bad read.

This problem is easily solved by turning on the screen recording on your iPhone but since this app seems to have it all I’d expect the videos to automatically transfer to my photo album. 

The other issue I experienced is the favorite putts button. I had favorited a putt then closed out of the app. Later when I went back into the app it wasn’t in the favorites tab. 

Not a terrible problem or anything that would stop me from using the app, just a minor work around. It’s also unclear if this is because I’m still on the trial version so this may resolve itself when the paid subscription kicks in.

Final Thoughts

I wouldn’t suggest using this app by its self every time you play. Because it’s not legal for USGA events and it’s suggested you ask rules officials before using it in competition, so you wouldn’t want to become too dependent on it. Instead do your best to read the greens and find an aim point on your own.

Utilize the app as a sort of spell check for your putting. It only takes about 30 seconds to get the app to read the break so I wouldn’t worry about pace of play slowing down.

This app is something that I would encourage every player with an iPhone to at least give it a try. Currently when you go to the App Store to download Golf Scope they offer you a 30 Day trial no cost. After those 30 days you will be charged. Subscriptions are renewed automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current billing period.

After the trial is over the subscription cost of the App is $19.99 a year. For more information on Golf Scope visit GolfScope.com or download the app and check out the about section. 


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