Is the GolfLogix App with Putt Breaks Any Good?

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If you were to ask ten different golfers which score tracking/GPS golf app they use on the golf course, it’s quite possible you could get ten different answers. Everyone has their favorite even though most essentially do the same thing. Yardage, scoring, and stats. Because of that, a sort of technological arms race has begun among the app developers. Some …


Take a Bow, PGA Tour Live App!

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Do you love golf? Do you have a busier schedule then most? Do you have a laptop or smartphone? Well do we have a product for you! No, seriously… And I think its time for us to take notice of these products available right at our fingertips. This installment of “Take a Bow” isn’t about a course, golfer, or personality, …

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Four PGA TOUR Rookies Break a World Record

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Meet Tom Lovelady, Lanto Griffin, Andrew Yun, and Stephan Jaeger. These four PGA TOUR 2018 rookies made their TOUR debut last fall at Mayakoba and today, their smashing records together.   The increasingly popular golf app 18 Birdies recently brought these four rookies on board as product ambassadors and it wasn’t long before they collaborated on a new world record.   …


Best Apps to Watch Golf on Your Smartphone

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Picture it…Tiger Woods is on the 18th tee up by two strokes about to seal the deal on his 15th major and you’re stuck outside the house without a TV in sight.  Perhaps you’re trapped at your boss’s wedding (it’s his third one by the way) or worse, you’re buddy’s kid’s dance recital.  Regardless of your unfortunate circumstances, Tiger waits for …